ActivBeat Review 2020 – What You Need to Know


ActivBeat Review

If you love music so well, that you allow yourself to be taken by it, because it gives you peace of mind and relaxes you. But lately you’ve been around some noisy people or live near busy areas and the noise generated always interfere with your music and gets you worked up.

I can tell you that you don’t need to worry anymore about background noise disturbing your music, I give you ACTIVBEAT WIRELESS HEADPHONE a noise-cancellation headphone that allows you enjoy your music irrespective of your surrounding noise.

What is ActivBeat?

ActivBeat is a lightweight, durable, electronic headphone that lets you listen to music without external noise interference.

This headphone is choked up with new innovative technology, with its noise cancelation technology, vector flow technology, latest Bluetooth version and more.

It’s safe to say this headphone is one of the best out there. Hold on, Let’s tell you more.

About ActivBeat


ActivBeat is a portable, wireless headphone that has a large size fitted speaker that gives quality sound to the ear.

It has a strong Bluetooth connection that saves the battery life and does not lose connection with the device connected to. It has an active noise cancellation technology allowing you to listen to music even in a noisy place.

ActivBeat comes in a sleek design and mature color, it can be used under rain thanks to its water-resistance. The battery life of this headphone is great, it can last for 16 hours of non-stop music once fully charged and is made out of premium materials for great performance.

Unlike other headphones that may drop on the floor, you’ll begin to notice lesser sound production from one or both ear cups. On the other hand you will not experience such when using an ActivBeat, because of the unique materials used to make this headphone, it can withstand impact and still function normally.

This headphone is compatible with any software device that has the latest Bluetooth version. ActivBeat charges fast with this Type-c cable, allowing you hear music for 3 hours for just 10 minutes of charge.

Key Points of ActivBeat

  • Long battery life
  • Don’t lose sound quality, even with the volume turned up Bluetooth accessible and a slick design
  • Bluetooth accessible and a slick design

The amazing mix of over-ear plan and splendid sound quality makes these simple to like. They stop people in their tracks and will make them tap your feet along to the amazing sound. Where different items in this style can be superfluously costly, ActivBeat 2.0 offers you a fantastic solution that has the vibe and sound of the large brands.

Bluetooth earphones no longer need to come at a lofty value, presently you can get over-ear earphones without any wires that look like it, and won’t burn up all available resources.

Why I Need This Headphone

activbeat review

ActivBeat is a combination of style and technology. when it comes to a headphone that delivers music to the user at the best quality and looks sharp when worn on your head, it’s ActivBeat. Most headphones look so good from the outside but deliver poor sound which cannot be compared to ActivBeat wireless headphone.

ActivBeat headphone unlike no other headphone uses a noise-cancellation technology to remove external interference from disturbing your music. It has built in noise filtering materials to ensure there is no distortion in the sound quality.

With its robust design and manufacturing components, this headphone will always produce high-quality sounds. The combination of drivers, noise-canceling technology, and high-quality material makes this headphone prefect for your everyday activity.

This ActivBeat comes with a carrying case that protects it from breaking on impact. You  can carry them in your backpack or on your neck safely and experience music at anytime of the day.

How the ActivBeat Noise-Cancelation works.

ActivBeat Noise-cancellation technology works by analyzing the world around you to assess the noise level continually. The more the noise, this ActivBeat headphone uses white noise to alter the frequency level to produce a clear stream of music that is free from background noise.

The use of noise-cancellation technology has brought this headphone to a high level of clarity. The design of the ear cups on this ActivBeat are made to amplify better sound production.

These ear cups have ventilated backs to equalize air pressure in each ear cup, by doing this it helps produce better clearer and amplified sound waves in to your ear giving you full base quality.

The Vector flow technology helps balance air pressure and grips your ear better with the aid of the oval ear design. These oval ear cups wrap around your ear and direct sound waves down and prevents additional noise disturbance.

What Makes ActivBeat So Special?

What makes ActivBeat headphone special are the multiple features and benefits it has. You can listen to music anywhere, even on a train, with the aid of its noise canceling technology and superior Bluetooth connection.

With the latest Bluetooth version, ActivBeat headphone provides you with a secure connection to your device, so you can play music without losing connection to your device. This Strong Bluetooth connection helps retain the battery life in your headphone.

In addition, weather is not a challenge for this headphone, you can use this headphone even under rain. This headphone is water-resistance, you can still experience cool music when under the rain. However, do not deep this headphone inside water. This headphone is wireless and made out of premium materials to withstand impact and last long.

Activbeat puts a huge smile on your face

Features of ActivBeat

ActivBeat has a few amazing features which I listed below:

Active Noise Cancellation Tech

This noise cancellation technology is one of ActivBeat’s greatest feature, by adopting the latest ANC technology which is an algorithm that measures the external white noise and counters it by canceling it out. ActivBeat cancels out external sound by creating a counter sound wave against the incoming sound wave, coming from your background. By removing external noise, you’ll get clear and quality sounds and enjoy your music without background disturbance.

 Bluetooth Version 4.2

ActivBeat has the latest Bluetooth version which consumes lesser battery life and the Bluetooth connection does not break when connected. This headphone can last 16 hours of nonstop music while on Bluetooth mode, this is when it is fully charged.

Vector Flow Technology

Activbeat is an amazing headset made for your listening pleasure. Vector flow technology are necessary for headphones to equalize air pressure on both sides of the ear cups. With this ventilated rear chamber on both ear cups, excess air is being pushed out to balance the air pressure in the ear to ensure enhanced bass and high quality sounds.


Sleek Design and New Colors

ActivBeat comes with a unique design and mature color to give you a sharp look when put on. Also it has a type C charging cord that charges very fast. With 10 minutes of charge, you can get 3 hours of music.

Oval over-Ear Design

ActivBeat has a unique design for the ear cups, these ear cups are made from premium materials that gives you a comfortable feel when they sit on your ears. Also you do not experience any form of fatigue while wearing this headphone for a long time, it’s lightweight and comfortable, perfect for traveling.


ActiveBeat Comes With Everything You Need

To ensure you can appreciate them the second you open the attractive box, ActivBeat 2.0 comes in a smooth cover case to make shipping them simpler. There is likewise a, clasp to keep them secure and a drawstring pack. Obviously, a straightforward user manual is present, and both charging and headphone is in the box.

Benefits of ActivBeat

The benefits you’ll get for having an ActivBeat by your side is numerous.

  • Water-Resistance: ActivBeat comes with a moderate level of water resistance, which means you can get rained on or workout for hours with these headphone, without moisture damaging it. The constant flow of air from the back of the headphone with the aid of the vector flow technology keeps moisture from building up around the ears, so having a damp-sweaty ear inside your ear cup is not possible.Also, you do not have to worry about rain damaging the built-in drivers. The water-resistance helps you to enjoy your music regardless of the weather condition.
  • Amazing Battery Life: Having a headphone that does not last long or needs charging frequently is no good, that is why ActivBeat made sure to provide this headphone with the best battery life on the market. This battery life last for 16 hours after a full charge. Even for music lovers, 16 hours is more than enough time to listen to cool music and be happy.
  • Premium Material: This headphone was made out of the best of materials for this purpose. With its robust design and manufacturing components, this headphone will always produce high-quality sounds. The combination of drivers, noise-canceling technology, and high-quality material makes this headphone prefect for your everyday activity. This ActivBeat comes with a carrying case that protects it from breaking on impact. You can carry them in your backpack or on your neck safely and experience music at anytime of the day.
  • Unique Speaker Driver: ActivBeat has one of the best speaker drivers a headphone could have, by pushing sound through does speakers to your ears with the fifty-seven millimeter drivers working every milliseconds to produce every single beat in the music without distortion. Enjoy music with this unique headphone speaker.
  • Wireless Headphone: ActivBeat is a completely wireless headphone, you don’t have to worry about getting your wire tangled or hooking on a door handle. The streaming connection is stable through the Bluetooth connection, all you need to do is sync and listen.
  • Latest Version Bluetooth: ActivBeat has a Bluetooth system that supports version 4.2 and above to ensure quality music streaming that is unbroken from devices to the headphone. It is simple to pair to your device, and you only need to pair them the first time. Whenever you turn on your headphone it pairs automatically, removing the stress of repairing again.
  • Compatible With Any System Software: This headphone is compatible with the IOS and Android system. ActivBeat does not require any unique app or program for it to work. You can sync your new headphone with any Bluetooth ready device and enjoy high-quality music.
  • Type-C Charging Cable: ActivBeat also has a super fast charging cable known as Type-c. They are the new standard USB cable for superior charging experience that includes data transmission and faster charging. Charging your headphone wherever you may find yourself becomes quick and easy with this charging cable.


  • ActivBeat comes with a noise canceling technology to prevent background noise.
  • Ear cups are made from premium materials, you do not feel uncomfortable when wearing them for a long time.
  • It has sleek design and mature color that makes you look sharp.
  • ActivBeat has a flow technology that keeps your ear air pressure balanced.


  • Purchasing of these headphone can only be done online.
  • It is expensive.

Final Thoughts

Any music lover that hears it’s possible to listen to music without any noise interference of any kind will stop at nothing to have him or herself this headphone.

This headphone may not be cheap, but with all its benefits, I say it’s worth every penny. ActivBeat wireless  headphone comes in different durable color for you to choose from and a long lasting battery for your listening pleasure.

By eliminating all background disturbance, you get to sink into the music and experience high quality sounds produced by this ActivBeat wireless headphone.

I can assure you that with this headphone you too would love music the more. I urge you to get one for your music loving friend.

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