Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners (Our Top 6 For 2020)

best canister vacuums

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners

No one ever finds cleaning fun, in fact, it is hardly on your to-do list. The good news is, you can get over this phobia with the right vacuum cleaner, which will make your cleaning a more pleasant experience. 

Regular vacuum cleaners, might not necessarily get the job done, in the sense that some can be difficult to maneuver ( we definitely don’t want that!), or you find yourself going over that very dirt that just won’t come off when cleaning corners or hard to reach places. 

 Canister vacuums were designed to have better suction and flow rate for faster and easier cleaning. They also have good sound insulation and are therefore more silent compared to regular vacuums. 

Not all canister vacuums have the same features, therefore you need to know what exactly you’re looking for, either you want to just have a quiet cleaning session or you want to get that dirt hiding in the corner of your stairs or floors. 

Choosing the right vacuum can cause a huge dilemma, not to talk of spending and not getting your money’s worth simply because you’re not aware of the features you want and where to buy them from.

You don’t have to ramble all over the Internet, because we’ve created the perfect guide for you. Everything you need to to know to buy the best canister vacuum cleaner for you is written below.

Let’s begin

Best canister vacuums 

  • Best overall:  Kenmore 400 series bagged canister vacuum.
  • Best for hardwood floors: Bissell hard floor expert.
  • Best splurge: Miele complete c3 marin
  • Best budget: Eureka mighty mite
  • Best lightweight: Oreck xl pro 5
  • Best for pet hair: Dyson cinetic big ball animal cannister vacuum.

Best overall (Our Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner): Kenmore 400 series bagged canister vacuum –

best canister vacuum cleaner kenmore 600 series

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This multipurpose canister vacuum with its variable suction is designed to clean any;

  • flooring designs,
  • stairs,
  • ceilings,
  • drapes,
  • shelves,
  • Your garage
  • Your car…

…in fact, it can effectively clean any surface. That’s why we’ve chosen it as our overall best canister. Not only does it comes with intriguing features, but it’s also affordable and durable. 

It is equipped with two motor suction system and four height adjustments that provide incredible suction strength, and effective cleaning for any surface. It also comes with a variable power control mode, that allows you to transition from cleaning your hardwood floors to your delicate carpets with pure ease.

The aluminum telescoping wand extends to about 9.5 feet reach, and it’s easily adjustable and detachable, so getting those cobwebs off your ceilings or cleaning your shelves and windows becomes an easy breeze.

Quality air control is ensured while doing your house cleaning thanks to its enhanced Hepa filter system. Your lungs are spared of dirt, debris pollens, and other harmful particles.

Additional accessories include: a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a second bare floor tool; they are all stored on the vacuum as one unit so you can easily transport the entire vacuum(including its accessories) from one cleaning area to another without sweating a thing because it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, whether it’s sorting out that tough dirt, or getting into tight corners, and cleaning those hard-to-reach areas,  this affordable Kenmore canister vacuum is surely going to exceed your expectations, this is why its number 1 in our list of best canister vacuum cleaners.

Best For Hard Wood floor: Bissell hard floor expert bagless canister vacuum

Best Canister Vacuum Cleaners-Best For Hard Wood floor: Bissell hard floor expert bagless canister vacuum

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It’s a bit challenging getting a canister vacuum that will tend to the cleaning of your hardwoods floors without affecting the finishing and scratching the surface of your floors.

Thanks to its hard floor turbine foot and it’s power rating at 9.2 amps, this canister vacuum will  eliminate anything from  dirt, dust and  pet hair, leaving  your floors squeaky clean. Another good news is, the wheels are made out of rubber and will not scratch your hard wood floors.

It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around during your cleaning session plus It’s compact design enables easy storage . 

The easy-to-use handle with the metal telescoping wands allows you to easily clean any area of your house from the ceilings to the drapes down to beneath your favorite couch or furniture.

It features a multicyclonic technology for powerful and long-lasting suction. Also, while cleaning, the multi-surface foot allows you to easily transition  from your hardwood floors to those areas in your house that are covered with either a carpet or a rug.

A good thing to take note of is the fact that this vacuum is bagless and will therefore require more maintenance.  Regardless, this canister has good sound insulation, has a wide cleaning path (11 inches) and is quite affordable; surely it can’t get any better than this.

Best Splurge: Miele complete c3 marin.

best canister vacuum cleaner miele complete c3 marin canister

You’re definitely getting your money’s worth on this one because it’s built with the finest of materials and packed with the best features.

On a side note.

This device is the best splurge in our list of best canister vacuum cleaners. We give the “Best splurge” tag to the most high end, premium product in its category. Most times its the best in its category, but because they are usually overly expensive they aren’t usually our top pick. Other times, the most expensive product might not really be the best. (That is something to bear in mind)

Now back to the product review

It features an electro premium power brush with five level adjustment, that is suitable for any flooring type. Its powerful 1200 watt motor system provides powerful suction that can automatically regulate the suction rate as you transcend from one flooring type to another. It also comes with six suction speed adjustment, a parquet twister that rotates 180°c, and a stainless steel wand that enables you to obtain an operating radius of 36 feet.

In spite of its powerful suction, this canister vacuum is famous for its good sound insulation and it’s HEPA air clean filter, which traps about 99% of dust particles, ensuring maximum air quality.

Finally, to top it all up, it comes with a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle to clean hard-to-reach places. This device is  expensive-but durable. It’s definitely worth the price.

Best budget: eureka mighty mite

best canister vacuum cleaner eureka mighty mite

The Eureka mighty mite caters to customers who are interested in getting a canister vacuum that is easily  affordable and efficient. It comes with features that are attractive for such a small yet powerful canister vacuum. It’s designed to reach every corner of your house, and clean any surface too.

With its compact design and lightweight (weighing at about 11.6 pounds), it is equipped with a 12 amp motor to create powerful suction that safely and effectively cleans out  your bare-floor surfaces, stairs, carpets and even underneath your furniture too. It’s so light weight , you won’t have to fuss over cleaning inside or outside your house and even your car too.

The blower port cleans out the debris in your home and in your garage and the 20 foot power cord and long extension wand allow you to reach any surface including your tiles and ceilings; you can easily move around your house while cleaning. Additional accessories include a deluxe floor brush, a bare floor nozzle, and fingertips control on its handle for easy manoeuvre.

However, if you’re looking for a canister vacuum that will clean the stubborn pet hair on your carpet or if you’re looking for a quiet cleaning experience and you don’t want to wake up the neighbours or the kids, then this is not the best canister vacuum for you.

Best Lightweight: Oreck xl pro 5 compact canister

Save yourself the stress of weight lifting with this premium canister. Because of it’s portability  and lightweight, it doesn’t need the most strongest or tallest to operate it as it can be easily carried and used to reach everything else that’s up high, this makes it the best Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck xl pro 5  canister vacuum cleaner is ideal for those hard-to-reach spaces thanks to its adjustable telescoping  extension wand.

It comes with features such as  the dusting brush, upholstery tool and a crevice tool that makes it easier to reach

  • ceiling fans,
  • stairs,
  • furniture,
  • bookshelves,
  • curtains,
  • drapes,
  • and also those places that are not so difficult to reach but difficult to keep clean like your staircase.

Most vacuum cleaners come with a hose that gets trapped when you’re trying to move it around and you also have to deal with the problem of carrying around the hose or wrapping it around the vacuum cleaner. This is not the same for the Oreck pro xl 5 vacuum cleaner as it is designed for effortless use, a 30 ft. power cord wraps around the bottom of the vac to stay out of your way, while a 4-ft. slinky hose lets you put suction right where you need it.

Oreck xl pro 5 vacuum cleaner has a large floor tool for those  hard floor surfaces that can get easily stained, so cleaning up doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

Best for pet hair: Dyson Cinetic big ball animal canister vacuum.

 Pets provide us with companionship, emotional support, reduce our stress levels, sense of loneliness and help us to increase our social activities. However, cleaning up after pets can be a huge demanding task that needs appropriate equipments. 

For a canister vacuum with luxurious features and variable suction to handle multiple surfaces, Dyson cinetic big ball animal canister is a  vacuum that doesn’t lose suction,

It’s Cinetic tips separate the microscopic dust that normally would clog other vacuums.

Dyson Cinetic science is so efficient that, unlike with other vacuums, there’s no need to wash or replace a filter. There’s no bag to buy which means no hidden cost.

The Hygienic dirt ejector drives out trapped dust and debris as you empty which means you don’t have to touch the dirt. Carbon fibre filaments pick up fine dust. Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt.

Ball technology core components are housed within the ball, allowing the vacuum to turn on the spot and follow you effortlessly around the home, without awkward moves. The articulating handle and wand rotates in three directions allowing a 360 degree articulation for greater control. And with a total reach of 35 feet you can clean here, there and everywhere.

House cleaning is very tasking and demanding, it’s something you want to get done and over with while hoping that the end result was worth it. There are so many important features you might want to consider before purchasing a canister vacuum. Take your time to go through this guide, so you can make the best choice that suits your cleaning demands.