5 Best Projectors for Gaming 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

best projector for gaming

Best Projectors for Gaming

Finding the right projector has the potential to really improve your gaming experience. Being able to project your video game to a larger screen will allow you to really experience your game in a unique way.

The problem is that there are so many different projectors to choose from. Some of them are less than desirable when it comes to gaming so you have to do your best to pick the right one. That is why today you’re going to be able to take a look at the top five best projectors for gaming.

The best projector for gaming is going to have many different features that will improve your overall experience. It should be bright, it should have a great resolution, and it should be easy to use. Read on to discover which of the following five options is going to be right for you.

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector (Best Projectors for Gaming)

Best Projectors for Gaming

The first projector that you’re going to take a look at is one of the best options for those who are on a budget. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your gaming setup, then this projector is going to be especially appealing. It is very cost-effective and it still gives you a good experience. It might not stack up to some of the more expensive options that will be shown later on but it’s significantly less expensive so that makes perfect sense.

This is a portable multimedia projector that offers you the ability to play videos, share photos, and, of course, project your video games. It is made to be compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and other leading video game consoles. You won’t have any problems using this projector in order to play your video games. It supports 1920×1080 resolution and your games should look really nice overall.

You’ll be able to use this for all sorts of other home entertainment needs as well. For instance, this is making use of an upgraded LED light. It allows the projector to be up to 60% brighter than most average projectors. This makes it an ideal choice for gaming, playing movies, and much more.

You can even enjoy a true big screen experience when using this projector. It can provide you with a watching size from 32 inches all the way up to 170 inches. The projection distance can be between 4.9 feet and 16.4 feet. If you want to get the best results, it is recommended that you keep the projection distance at around 6.5 feet.

This projector is even capable of operating quietly. It has a special fan noise suppression system that is capable of halving fan noise. You’ll also like that this projector uses a special cooling system that helps with heat dispersion. Overall, this is a well-designed projector that is going to be perfect for anyone who is on a budget.
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  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It supports 1080P.
  • It supports a 170-inch display.
  • It is compatible with major consoles.
  • It has a quiet fan.


  • The specs are only average.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UBe WirelessHD (Best Projectors for Gaming)

Best Projectors for Gaming

This is definitely going to be a lot more expensive than the projector mentioned above. If you want to enjoy a top-tier 4K home theater experience, then this is one of the best options that you can choose. It’s rather pricey and many people aren’t going to be able to afford a projector such as this. Even so, it’s worth mentioning since it is one of the very best options for gaming.

One of the most interesting features of this projector is how the 4K capabilities work. This is capable of accepting 4K ultra HD content and it can also upscale content that isn’t 4K. This gives you the best possible resolution and you’re going to love how your video games look. This even makes use of an advanced three chip 3LCD design that ensures you won’t have any color wheel problems, white segments, or rainbow effects.

This projector uses HDR10 to provide you with some of the crispest images possible. The range of colors that you can see while using this projector will really impress you. The contrast ratio is truly superb and you’ll be able to see why this projector is one of the best possible options for gaming. Whether you’re playing a game or watching a 4K movie, you’ll be able to see so many details and colors.

You’ll be able to enjoy great balanced color brightness when using this projector. Best of all, it’s going to stay bright even if you’re using the projector in a room that has some ambient light. It gives you the most vibrant picture possible. You’ll be getting 2500 lumens of equal color and white brightness.

Whether or not this projector is going to be worth the investment is up to you. It does cost a lot of money but it offers a truly stunning 4K experience. If you care about having the best picture quality possible, then this is the projector for you. If you’d prefer to find an option that is more agreeable to your wallet, then there are other projectors out there.


  • It has an incredible picture.
  • It supports HDR10.
  • It is very bright.
  • It is capable of upscaling to 4K


  • It is incredibly pricey.

ViewSonic 1080P Short Throw Projector with 3000 Lumens (Best Projectors for Gaming)

Next up is the short throw projector for gaming from ViewSonic. This is a fantastic little projector that is going to allow you to enjoy some epic gaming sessions. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy supersized movies and games, then this projector is really going to appeal to you. It makes it possible to enjoy a theater-like experience and it isn’t nearly as pricey as the Epson model mentioned earlier.

This is a projector that offers you a true 1080P experience. You’ll be able to use it on a screen that is up to 300 inches in size too. Using the short throw lens makes it easy to project your games even when you don’t have a lot of space. You’ll be able to place the projector just inches away from the wall or screen while still being able to enjoy a crisp image.

When it comes to using this projector for gaming, you’re going to love the special gaming mode. This mode gives you access to reduced input latency. It makes it so that your games will be more responsive so that you can get the type of performance that you’re looking for. This is going to be a must if you’re planning on playing fast-paced games or something competitive such as a fighting game.

This projector makes use of a flexible connection style due to having so many input options. It has HDMI, USB Type C, and more. It will be very simple to hook up your video game consoles or your PC to this projector. You can even hook it up to your smartphone or other types of media players if you want to.

It’s also important to note that this projector has a very long lamp life. The eco mode is going to allow the lamp to shine for up to 15,000 hours. It will shine brightly for a long time and you’ll be able to get plenty of quality gaming hours out of it. This is a great value and the performance of this projector is definitely going to impress you.


  • It supports up to 300 inches.
  • It offers a great picture.
  • It has a special gaming mode.
  • It has long lamp life.
  • It has a short throw lens.


  • The gaming mode could change settings.

Optoma HD243X Affordable High Performance 1080P Home Theater Projector

This is another Optoma projector that offers users a very good experience. The difference with this projector is that it is significantly more cost-effective. It isn’t cheap by any means but it is more affordable in comparison to the 4K offering that was highlighted earlier. If you want a top-tier 1080P projection experience for your games, then this projector will work out well.

It has been designed to be great for both movies and video games. It makes use of a super-bright 3300 lumens of brightness. You can use this in your home theater room or it can be a great projector for playing games or movies outside. The picture quality that is offered by this projector is truly spectacular and you’ll be able to enjoy very high contrast.

When it comes to gaming, this is one of the most ideal projectors that you could consider purchasing. It offers a low lag mode that makes playing games a better experience overall. Lag is something that can ruin your video game experience so being able to eliminate lag with this projector is great. This projector offers input response times of 16ms when the enhanced game mode is turned on.

You’ll also be able to enjoy 3D movies when you purchase this projector. This isn’t related to your gaming experience but most gamers will be using this projector for multiple purposes. This projector can support full 3D at 1080P. You’ll be able to hook up a 3D blu-ray disc player to your projector to enjoy those movies whenever you want to.

Connectivity is also made to be very easy with this projector. The projector has several HDMI inputs and USB power makes it easy to connect to your various gaming consoles. This should offer you a user-friendly experience and you’ll be able to have a great time playing your games. Consider this as one of the premier projector options for gaming.


  • It offers a good picture.
  • It is very bright.
  • It has a gaming mode to reduce lag.
  • It supports 3D movies.
  • It offers easy connectivity.


  • The picture color accuracy is so-so.

BENQ TK800 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Projector with HDR

Finally, it’s time to take a look at the BENQ TK800 4K projector. This is an option that stands as one of the best on the market in terms of pure picture quality. It’s pricier than most of the options but is still more cost-effective than the Optoma 4K projector that was highlighted earlier. It offers you true 4K resolution and you’ll be very pleased with the image clarity.

One of the best features of this projector is that it offers vivid colors in ambient lighting. It has perfectly balanced high visual brightness as well as vivid colors for well-lit environments. This is going to look really good when you’re playing your games. You’re also going to be able to enjoy the stunning impact of HDR10.

The HDR features of this projector can really draw out the true potential of your video games. If you’re using one of the more powerful video game consoles such as the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X, then you’ll be able to see how much of a difference HDR10 makes. It’s going to allow you to see such a wide range of colors. Your games will look beautiful on this projector.

The compact design of this projector is something that you’ll really appreciate, too. It has a sleek design that is both light and low-profile. You’ll be able to take this with you without it being a hassle. It’s also easy to set it up when you want to get an impromptu gaming session going.

Consider buying this projector if you don’t mind making a bit of an investment. It offers you a true 4K experience and the picture quality is stunning. It doesn’t offer upscaling or anything such as that, though. It’s up to you to decide whether this is a better value than the Optoma 4K projector from earlier.


  • It offers a true 4k experience.
  • It shows vivid colors in ambient lighting.
  • It supports HDR10.
  • It is compact and sleek.


  • There is no specific game mode.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve read all about the best projector options for gaming, it’ll be that much easier to make a decision. The five options listed above are all stellar in their own ways. Pick out the projector that fits with your budget while still meeting your expectations. It’ll ensure that your next gaming session will be more entertaining than ever.