Best Projectors Under $200 in 2019.

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Are you looking for a quality video projector for less than $200?
Finding a projector that meets your specific needs become difficult when you have a limited budget.

Some of the latest projectors offer 1080p HD resolution, exceptional contrast ratios, and connections for any type of device, including your smartphone. You may not find an option with all those features, but you can still get a quality projector for $200. To help you out, we compared the top products in this price range.

Narrow your search with the following four best projectors under $200.

GooDee 4000L Outdoor Movie Projector:

With the GooDee 4000L Outdoor Movie Projector, you get a versatile device that can project images up to 200 inches using its 4000 lumens lamp.

It uses LCD technology to display HD pictures while the bright lamp ensures that you can use it outdoors and still see the video. These features, plus the connectivity options, make this the top choice for setting up your own backyard movie theater.

Resolution and Brightness
Intended as a movie projector, this device has a 2200 lumens LED bulb and LCD adapt technology to maximize the lamp life. It should last up to 30,000 hours before needing replacement.

Design and Compatibility
You can avoid connecting the projector to an external sound system, thanks to the
built-in dual stereo three-watt speakers.

Compared to some of the other built-in speakers, this delivers enough sound for a pleasant experience in your home, yard, or campsite. It is also compatible with almost any device that uses an HDMI connection.


  • Includes a low-noise fan for quieter operation
  • Projects images up to 200 inches
  • Includes two three-watt stereo speakers
  • Comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Does not have the brightest light, requiring you to use it in darkness
  • Not suited for office presentations due to the lower light source.

APEMAN Mini Portable Video DLP Pocket Projector:

With a built-in battery and long lens life, you can take the APEMAN Mini Portable
DLP Pocket Projector anywhere. It is compact and easy to set up. You simply plug in
your device, point the projector, and start watching.

Weighing as much as a phone and providing up to two and a half hours of use, this
is the best option for those that want a portable pocket projector. Surprisingly, it
also uses DLP technology to deliver superior sharpness.

Resolution and Brightness
The widescreen aspect ratio and 1080p HD support makes this a great choice for
watching movies in your backyard or living room. Just make sure that you
completely shut out the lights.

The projector uses a 50 to 100 ANSI lumen bulb, which is on the lower end of the
spectrum compared to other options. However, this also keeps the cost down,
allowing APEMAN to include DLP technology.

Design and Compatibility
The device weighs just 0.44 pounds and measures less than four inches. You can slide it into your pocket or stow it with your camping gear. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can use it on the go with your mobile device.


  • Uses DLP technology to provide a sharper image with a dimmer bulb
  • Includes a built-in rechargeable battery
  • The bulb may last up to 45,000 hours
  • Project pictures up to 100 inches.


  • The dim lamp is not suited for presentations.

DracoLight 4500 Lux Video Projector:

Thanks to a newly upgraded design, this compact LCD projector features 4500
lumens brightness and full 1080p HD support. You also get a large display,
projecting pictures up to 250 inches. For those that want a big-screen experience without spending over $200, the DracoLight 4500 Lux Video Projector is your best bet.

Resolution and Brightness
The DracoLight features 1280 x 768-pixel native resolution with support for 1080p
HD. With the throw distance of 1.1 to 7.2 meters, you can get a maximum screen
size of 250 inches. This gives you one of the largest available displays in this price

To display the picture on your wall or the back of your garage, the projector has a
bright 4,500 lumens LED lamp that offers over 50,000 hours of use.

Design and Compatibility
Connect almost any device to the DracoLight. The back of the projector includes
multiple I/O ports, including HDMI, VGA, USB, and audio jacks. You also get vertical
keystone correction and a built-in speaker.


  • Exceptionally bright LED lamp with LCD technology
  • Project pictures up to 250 inches with minimal loss of clarity
  • Includes many input and output ports for greater connectivity


  • The throw distance requires you to set up the projector far from the wall.

Vamvo Mini Portable Projector:

The Vamvo Mini Portable Projector is a great choice for those that need to set up
presentations at remote locations. You can easily throw this compact projector in
your briefcase and set up in a boardroom or small conference area.

It even supports multi-screen sharing with the latest technologies, including DLNA,
AirPlay, and Miracast. Share the screen with colleagues while giving a presentation.
With a max resolution of 1080p and 80-inch screen size, it is also an ideal solution
for watching movies or sports.

Resolution and Brightness
The Vamvo Mini Projector supports full 1080p HD video, but only has a native
resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. When projecting a full 80-inch screen, you may
notice that the clarity decreases. However, the lower resolution is a trade off.

You also get DLP imaging technology at a low price. DLP helps compensate for the
lower resolution and allows for greater contrast.

The lamp only has an 1800 lumens LED lamp. The LED technology does not work as
well with fast-moving pictures, such as when playing video games, but increases
the battery life.

Design and Compatibility
With this compact projector, you get multiple connection options. It works with
smartphones, tablets, laptops, DVD players, Blu Ray players, and most video game
Other useful features include 180-degree screen rotation and surface touch keys
for easier operation.


  • The DLP technology helps deliver better contrast and image clarity
  • The portable design allows two hours of operation on a full charge
  • Works with the latest smartphones and tablets.


  • The lamp is not very bright and requires complete darkness
  • The picture may appear grainy when projecting HD content on the
  • maximum screen size.

Buying Guide for Affordable Projectors

To choose the best projectors under $200, we compared the most important features, such as:

  • Display technology
  • Compatibility
  • Screen brightness
  • Resolution and contrast
  • Screen size (throw distance).

Most of the projectors listed use LCD technology and LED lamps. The LCD works well in brighter rooms, which is great when you cannot eliminate all light sources. A couple of the options use DLP technology, providing a film-like picture. If you want the best movie-watching experience, go with DLP.

This also provides the response needed for watching sports or playing video games. When comparing resolution and screen size, remember that the maximum size may take away from the quality of the picture, especially if the device has a limited native resolution.

As a last tip, remember to check the connectivity options for the projector to ensure that it works with the devices that you plan to use, such as a smartphone, streaming TV stick, or laptop.