Best Rowenta Steam Iron Review: A Good Buy


Rowenta irons are one of the best-selling irons in the market. But not every one of its model is worth a buy. Some have tons of negative reviews from buyers that you have to wonder if the premium paid for the brand name justifies the cost. So, what about the Rowenta DW5080? Is it worth it to invest in this steam iron? Let’s take a closer look in this review.

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Rowenta DW5080 Steam Iron – Best for Excellent Steam Distribution.

The Rowenta DW5080 has a sleek modern look with an enhanced precision tip whereby the sharper point is designed to reach nooks and crevices such as areas around the buttons and shirt collars. The tip is also covered with micro steam holes to easily smooth out wrinkles in these tight areas. Altogether there are 400 of these steam holes which are nicely spread out on the soleplate, including the center and bottom, for a more efficient steam distribution.

The soleplate is made of stainless steel and is scratch-resistant. It also has an aluminum core which helps to distribute heat evenly across the plate and combine with a highly polished finish, the iron glides well to make ironing easier. The rounded bottom also helps to prevent creases when the iron is moved back and forth on a garment.

The thermostat knob is located above the water tank and has 5 fabric settings, namely nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. There is a steam control lever at the top together with a steam jet and spray mist button. The water tank can accommodate up to 10 ounces of water and you can use tap water with the Rowenta DW5080. Apart from the self-cleaning feature which flushes out deposits, the anti-calc feature with an integrated anti-scale system also helps to maintain optimal performance of the unit by removing impurities.

The cord length for this Rowenta Focus iron is 7 feet and pivots 360 degrees. As for the auto shut-off, it is pretty standard with an 8-minute cut off if left idle vertically and 30 seconds if it toppled over or left on its soleplate. If you need a longer time window, you can look at the Panasonic NI-W810CS Multi-Directional Iron instead which has a 10-minute and 60-seconds cut off respectively.

Rowenta DW8080 Professional Steam Iron– Best for Faster Ironing Processes.

The Rowenta DW8080 has a highly polished stainless steel soleplate. On the soleplate are 400 micro steam holes as well as a precision tip. Combined with 1700-watt power, the design gives greater steam diffusion for professional results. It glides smoothly and the precision tip with the steam holes ensure wrinkles in hard-to-reach places are also smoothed out.

Apart from the variable steam, the burst of steam is an extra long and powerful shot that pushes steam with high pressure into fabrics. This way, even wrinkles on thick garments can be creased out. The steam burst has an advertised capacity of 150 gram/minute. The iron can also be used for vertical steaming.

The anti-drip feature prevents the iron from spitting when it is on lower temperatures as you iron more delicate materials. You can control the temperature via a dial below the handle. The self-cleaning will help you to flush out impurities while the anti-calc will minimize scale built-up over time.

The iron will shut off automatically after 8 minutes if left unused standing upright. For safety, it will also go off in 30 seconds if it is on its side or soleplate. The Rowenta DW8080 has a large water tank of 12.7-ounce and a cord length of 7 feet with a 360-degree pivot. The handle is covered with a soft touch material that is non-slip.

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Eco Energy Steam Iron– Best for Removing Stubborn Wrinkles.

The DG8520 from Rowenta comes with an eco-setting that helps save up to 20% of energy. It consumes 1800 watts of power and is capable of producing 80 grams of steam in a minute. The stainless steel soleplate of the DG8520 has 400 micro-steam holes from where steam gets out of the iron into the fabric.

This product has a 47 Oz. tank that allows you iron for up to one and a half hours without stopping. The tank is visible and removable for easy refilling. The 1.9-meter power cord accompanying it is sufficient for any ironing exercise.

Steam emanating from this iron is at a pressure of 5 bars which is quite exceptional for wrinkle removal from hanging fabrics as well as all sewing projects. This makes the entire ironing exercise quick and effortless.

Just like most of the Rowenta irons, this one also has a precision tip that allows it access pockets and collars easily. Additionally, it comes with a safety lock system for easy storage and adequate safety. The system is anti-scale and the handle is ergonomically designed to allow you to do ironing for a long time. This iron weighs 12.21 pounds.

Rowenta Focus Xcel 400 holes– Best high efficiency steam.

Bringing together high-precision design with ultimate steam coverage, Rowenta Focus Excel rises to meet even the most demanding ironing challenges with outstanding results. This high-efficiency steam iron is equipped with the new Microsteam 400 HD soleplate, to give your ironing sessions an upgrade with the best steam distribution on the market.

Efficiency is matched by precision, with a special tip designed to provide flawless wrinkle and crease removal for hard-to-reach areas such as narrow edges, seams and collars. Convenient features complete the package, like a transparent water tank window for easy and precise control over the water level and smart control settings for a more comfortable ironing experience.

Rowenta Focus Excel: exceptional ironing performance through the perfect combination of efficiency and precision.

Convenient features complete the package, like a transparent water tank window for easy and precise control over the water level and smart control settings for a more comfortable ironing experience

How to Choose the Best Rowenta Iron

Nobody would want to buy a product that will turn out to be a misery for them during the time of use. It is for this reason that it is important that you know what exactly will bring the best out of your iron. There are lots of firms that are trying so hard to mimic what Rowenta has to offer.

Therefore, it will be a great thing to know some of the most important factors that you should consider before you splash out your hard-earned money to purchaseRowenta iron. Below are some of the most fundamental ones.

Steam Production

In recent times, most people prefer steam irons to dry irons. You could be wondering what could be the reason behind this. Well, if you have been having problems with wrinkles on your garments then steam is the solution to this.

Steam is one of the biggest enemies to wrinkles on clothing. It removes them with a lot of ease. But it doesn’t just happen without considerations being made on the amount of steam a steam iron can produce.

The higher the amount of steam that iron can produce, the more effective the iron is likely to be when it comes to wrinkle removal. Actually, the most ideal irons are those that come with adjustable steam levels. This helps produce much-concentrated steam when needed especially during the removal of tough wrinkles.

In cases of less stubborn wrinkles, the steam levels can be reduced to help preserve this precious stuff.

The Size of Steam Tank

The steam is produced from the water that is filled in the tank. Now, the size of the tank also plays a big role in determining the amount of steam that it is capable of producing. A larger water tank stores more water hence much steam can be produced during ironing.

That being said; always check the capacity of the water tank. Additionally, make sure that the tank has a visible gauge that will always tell you when it is time to refill it. A spray nozzle should also come in handy with such kind of iron.

The iron should also have a no steam option for operations that won’t necessarily need it. Additionally, if you notice that the iron is self-cleaning, then know that part of the burst of steam it produces will help clear clogs on its soleplate. No discolored water will find its way to your fabric thereafter.

Also, check the possibility of the steam iron producing vertical steam when it is held in an upright position. This is a great way to remove wrinkles from clothes, drapes and the likes that are hanging.

Weight of Iron

Different Rowenta irons have different weights, ranging mostly from about 1.5 to 3 or more pounds. A good iron should be a bit heavier for it covers greater pressing areas. This shouldn’t, however, be misconstrued to mean that only the heavier irons are the best.

Choose a considerable weight for your use so that you don’t get easily fatigued during the process of ironing your garments. On the other hand, lightweight irons are preferred for less frequent and light tasks.

Now, depending on your home needs, the choice of the weight of iron to go for solely depends on you as you are the one who’ll be using it. Choose a product that is comfortable to use while at the same time produces the most desirable results.


The amount of heat that iron is likely to produce to a greater extent depends on the amount of power it draws. The power that an iron box draws is in most cases expressed in terms of kilowatts or just watts.

The heat produced is then moderated to low, medium and high settings in the most basic irons. This is done so as to match the different types of materials from which your garments are made. These models are the least expensive of the Rowenta irons.

On the other hand, there are the most sophisticated models that have a wide variety of temperature settings; some are even digitally designed to the extent that you simply input the temperature setting of your choice and you are ready to go.

An iron box that only has a preset temperature setting isn’t good for you as you will be working on fabrics made from different materials and will thus need temperature variations.


As you have clearly seen above, an iron box is an important commodity that you can rarely do without. From the products reviewed above, Rowenta DW5080 Iron emerges as the overall winner. What makes it the best Rowenta Iron?

Its soleplate is made of stainless steel which ensures it distributes heat uniformly during ironing. The product is relatively cheap and has three auto shut-off mechanisms for purposes of safety. It also produces up to 35 grams of steam per minute which is more than enough to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles from your fabrics.

It is a product that we can confidently recommend for your own convenience at home. Do you still have any question as to which iron is the most ideal for you? Would you still take your clothes to the laundry shop for ironing when you have the Rowenta irons at your disposal? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.