7 Best Smart Water Bottle in 2020: Complete Guide

Best Smart Water Bottle

Best Smart Water Bottle: If you have ever tried going a through your day without drinking water, then you must know how terrible that feels. Just within few hours you become restless and easily irritated because you need to drink water urgently.

There is a saying which is ’you can survive a day or more without food but you can not without water’.

This goes to say that water is life!

Drinking water is very important just know that. It has so many benefit such as keeping you properly hydrated, purifies your body by neutralising the toxins in your body, helping you lose weight and improving your mental function.

It has been documented to drink at least 8 glass of water every day or 2 litres of water per day.

As we go about our daily activities we all know it is quite difficult to drink enough water everyday if you are not so cautions about it. Most times we just don’t remember to drink water or we are so occupied with our task. 

Here is a good news, there is a smart water bottle which helps so many people get the desired amount of water needed in a day.

This smart water bottle performs so much task like tracks your water intake, stores your water and reminds you of drinking water often.

There so many smart water bottles you can choose from but we made this task so easy by bringing out just the best among them. 

Best Smart Water Bottle

Here are the 7 Best Smart Water Bottle

Before you start picking a smart water bottle, there are things in which you have consider.

First, every product has a need in which it has to serve. So it is very important you know why you will be using the smart water bottle. For example, if you need one during a running exercise you might want to get those that fit well into the Fitbit or other exercise wears.

Secondly, if most of your time is spent outdoor which you don’t have constant access to power supply, then you might want to get the smart water bottle with power bank source. This power bank source provides you with an access to power up your gadgets in time of desperate need.

When picking a water bottle, it is very necessary to take note of certain factors, which are:

1. The benefits of the water bootle; this aims at tracking your water in take and making sure you drink water when necessary, easy to use and of high quality. 

2. The volume of water in which the bottle can contain. This is so important for you, because the more water volume the better you have chases of staying hydrated through out the day.

3. The water bottle being durable. Thus aspect is also very good because, you may decide running or jogging into a very distant place.

Below is a list of the 7 Best Smart Water Bottles in the market which You should consider 

1. Hydra Tech Bottle: The Fitness Partner

Hydra Tech Bottle

The Hydra Tech Bottle is the first bottle on our list. This acts as a water containers and not only that, it provides entertainment anywhere it goes. Keep reading, you will discover how. When you are all set for a morning jog or evening walk, its very important to carry along with you a water bottle, this is very crucial to keep you hydrated. 

This Hydra Smart Bottle, has a capacity of 600 ml of water, which can serve for the most extreme workout you wish to put your body into. This smart water bottle has a in-built speaker, which you can use, during your gym hours. So playing music from your cellphone or iPod won’t be a problem. 

This smart water bottle does not require you to change the battery because it is rechargeable, so you charge it easily using a USB port and your all set. 

Also the smart water bottle displays some lights such as; white, red and rainbow. In case of you run out of time and get done with exercise at night time, this white light can be used to lighten up your path while going back home. Amazing right?

For the rainbow colur, it can serve as a means to lighten up your mood for an effective workout.

Other significant features that makes the Hydra Tech Bottle on of the Best includes; 

Ultra-safe 4000 aMh polymer power bank: The power bank was designed to use a USB port of 2.1a output which is the international standard, this allows you to easily charge the speaker and possibly other decide like your smartwatch. 

In-built microphone: During your workout either lifting weight or using the treadmill, you find it difficult to use your phone or record something very important to you. But the good news here is, this smart water bottle has a strong hands-free microphone that allows you to speak when exercising or doing chores.

The bottle is made from hardened plastic: This makes the water bottle last for a long time because of its durable nature. It also has a good grip that fits well to your backpack or belt on your waist, making it very easy to be carried where ever you go.


  • Smart water bottle gives more joy to your workout, lighting up the place and setting up a good mood.
  • Its in-light makes going back home easy and safe without bursting into obstacles. 
  • The power bank source it has, makes it very good to charge up other devices in times of great need.


  • It does not track the amount of water you take into your body, but it contains a large volume of water for you to constantly have enough water to drink.

However, if you are looking for a smart water bottle with the above features, then this is the best for you.

What previous users had to say about the Hydra Tech Bottle:

“There are so many smart water bottle currently but amongst all, the Smart Tech Bottle is the Best.”

“I have used different smart water bottles in the past, but this Hydra Tech is fun to use.”

“If you want something amazing, then Hydra Tech is the only option.”

2.  Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle: The Smart Bottle for All

Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle

If you look close to the regular argument that each individual ought to drink eight glasses of water each day, you will understand that it’s incorrect. In spite of the fact that it’s right that you should drink a great deal of water, the right amount to drink depends on various factors, for example, your weight, sexual orientation, tallness and movement level.

The Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle by Sportline is an intuitive cup intended to assist you with ascertaining individual water consumption and updates on your intake.

Note that you should first enter in your weight using the button and display on the bottle’s top area. To get the adequate recommendation for water consumption from the container, you are required to enter your weight. At that point, the container uses your weight to figure out your suggested day by day water consumption.

One of the more amazing highlights of the bottle is that the screen settings can be adjusted physically to guarantee they suit your condition. For instance, a pregnant lady may require diverse water consumption levels compared to a sportsman in a higher height or a laborer in a cool office. 

At the point when we talk about day by day utility gadgets, one of the essential concerns is the means by which we have to keep them clean. Luckily, the Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle is planned with a polycarbonate shell that makes it simple to clean either physically or with a dishwasher. 

The important features include:

Average utilization display: This helps show you your advancement or progress towards accomplishing your water intake goals. 

Personal hydration calculator: The bottle discloses to you the quantity of water to take depending on your weight. 

Soft silicone mouthpiece: This is very important in making it simple to drink the water whether during work hours or during exercises.

Simple to use controls: This bottle has only three key buttons for use which are: Mode, Setup, and Start/Stop/Reset. When you set the bottle, it runs for 24 hours and gives your water intake rate in percentage. For instance, if your aim was to take 100 ounces consistently everyday and you’ve just consumed only 50 ounces, the bottle will show that you have just taken only 50% of your regular intake.


  • The bottle is exceptionally simple to set and use depending on your own qualities and objectives.
  • An internal calculator set makes it simple to know the actual water amount to take each day. 
  • The bottle is made by utilizing some BPA-free materials and doesn’t present any harm to the health of the customer.  


  • The container doesn’t match up with other different fitness gadgets.

However, if you are searching for a basic, yet exceptionally successful brilliant bottle to assist you with achieving your day by day hydration plans, I would suggest this bottle for use. 

In spite of the fact that it doesn’t match up with gadgets, for example, your cell phone or some other fitness  devices, for example, a Fitbit, it’s also a profound dependable piece as a result of its amazing highlights, for example, the water consumption display show.

What other People said after using the Sportline Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle: 

“The most brilliant container I have used in the market.” 

“I was dazzled by its design which is so amazing and easy to use buttons.” 

“In spite of the fact that I needed to continue topping up the bottle, it was extremely great.”

3. Thermos Hydration Bottle with connected Smart Lid: The iPhone Smart Bottle

Thermos Hydration Bottle with connected Smart Lid

Is your daily timetable excessively close and you routinely neglect to drink water and now, you’re stressed that your general wellbeing could be affected by this behaviour?

At this point, it is time to look at the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid, which comes in to constantly assist you with monitor your water level intake objectives and meet up with them. The container is structured with a smart lid cover that helps connects it to your cell phone. 

Also, when you first purchase this bottle, one main set up process is the fact you have to input your own details like your gender and body weight. After that, using a in-built calculator, the bottle will calculate the correct water consumption quantity that is right for you daily.

The bottles connects with your cell phone by means of Bluetooth, and shows whether you’re on target with your day to day hydration objectives. In addition, the App on your phone helps track your water intake through the span of weeks, months, and years. This helps as a means of motivation to drink more water and keeping up with a better wellbeing.

One of the most noteworthy highlights of the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid is its fluid thermometer which is in-built. The bottle decides the temperature of your drink and shows the amount still left to drink in the bottle. This is significant, particularly if you need a cold or hot refreshment at work or at bedtime.

The top of the bottle is made with a two-fold bolting framework; one which serves as a release button, and the other as a safety catch that prevents spillage, regardless of whether the bottle falls off mistakenly. You can easily fix this on a good hybrid bike when riding.

• A lithium-particle rechargeable battery: The battery guarantees that the bottle is fully charged to effortlessly connect with Bluetooth and different fitness gadgets.

• The hydration charts: These are analysis introduced using diagrams to show your advancement towards your hydration objectives. 

• USB port: The USB port is situated at the back of the lid and permits you to effectively charge and connect it with other wellness gadgets. 


  • This bottle is very easy to use and it easily connects with gadgets, for example, Fitbits and cell phones. 
  • You can without much of a stress, set up the individual hydration requirements using the bottle’s calculator.
  • The bottle has a very strong battery that can keep going for as long as 12 days without requiring a recharge.


  • The bottle just works with smartphones using the IOS7 version and beyond.

However, if you are searching for a savvy water bottle that can go about as an accomplice to guarantee you hit your hydration objectives, the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid is an extraordinary water bottle that connects with Fitbit and different gadgets, for example, an iOS cell phone to bring about your hydration goals.

What other People said after using this bottle:

“I constantly accomplish my hydration objectives with this Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid. 

“For the record, I will not use any other smart water bottle besides this.”

“An incredible bottle for classy people.”

4. H2O Pal Hydration Tracker: Best for Outdoors

H2O Pal Hydration Tracker

One of the advice that clinical specialists provide for individuals who need to lose weight or stay healthy is to drink a lot of water.

Water is very important in removal of poisons from the body, advancing quicker cell development, and preventing different conditions, for example, cerebral pains, constipation and diabetes. What’s more, the H20Pal Hydration Tracker bottle is intended to assist you with meeting your body’s hydration goals.

The bottle is made with a bended design that makes it simple to grasp and use. The structure of the bottle includes a silicone sleeve that offers extra grasp for a durable vibe when the container is held while moving.

This bottle works through a GPS tracker fitted on its lower side. The GPS tracker is separable and empowers you to know your water intake relying upon your activity level, the climate, and other individual parameters, for example, your stature – body height and weight.

The sensor works with the H20Pal Hydration tracking Application. The hydration tracker is intended for iOS gadgets, for example, iPhones and iPads. The iOS gadget synchronizes with the H20Pal Hydration Tracker sensor to assist you with reaching your hydration targets. 

The extraordinary thing about this Application is that it alters your objective relying upon changes in different weather conditions. For instance, if the climate changes from hot to cold, the total quantity of water you are required to drink will go down.

Here are some basic features of the H20Pal Hydration Tracker:

• The glass bottle container: This assists with preserving the taste of the water. Note that you are told to abstain from using carbonated drinks with it.

• The hydration tracking device: This reacts to changing individual and natural parameters. This implies to say that other smart bottles, for example, Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle by Sportline, that keep up a steady hydration focus, the H20Pal Hydration Tracker bottle modifies it to suit the particular weather.

• The separable base or sensor: This can be used with other different smart bottle without trading off your hydration goals. 


  • The bottles’s sensor and Application make it engaging on the grounds that they react to individual qualities like tallness and climate changes while figuring hydration goal.
  • The bottle and its Application are extremely simple to set up and use. 


  • The bottle is just accessible for iOS gadgets, for example, iPhones or iPad. Though, the manufacturer has said that an Android version is currently being produced.
  • This bottle is expensive.

The H20Pal Hydration tracker came out as a strong bottle that is very easy to use but what’s more outstanding is the fact that, it can be connected to other smart bottles to track your water consumption rate.

Furthermore, in any case you find the 18 oz water too small, you just fix the tracker to a bigger container if the base is three inches in diameter. Due to its one of a kind feature with others respectively, for example, the exceptionally highly effective Application, I would suggest this as the top water bottle.

What other People said after using this bottle:

“For me it is the best.”

“I have used different smart water bottles, yet this is the best so far.” 

“This bottle has no equivalent till today.”

5. The Hydrate Spark: The All-Purpose Smart Water Bottle

The Hydrate Spark

In some cases, when having a bad day, with just a little more water intake your mood completely changes.

This smooth water bottle may be all that you have to get to accomplish your own health objectives, and along these lines, a positive state of mind. The Hydrate Spark smart bottle is intended to make arriving at your hydration objectives simple and fun. 

The principle part that makes this bottle stand differently from others is the hydration tracker. This encourages you to set your drinking objectives and the bottle normally sends you updates revealing to you it’s the ideal time for a drink of water.

To make the updates progressively great, they are accessible in six different forms to help the mind-set. The bottle can shine white, pink, blue, green, black, or purple to tell you when it’s time to take a drink.

I found the Hydrant Spark Application fascinating hence it works successfully with the low energy-Bluetooth of the bottle’s hydration tracker. Also in getting notifications from the Application, it likewise helps store your hydration history. It is also very important because it connects well with the top gadgets, for example, Android phones, iOS gadgets, Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and Under Armor Record. 

Here is an outline of the pros and cons of the Hydrate Spark Smart Bottle: 


  • The Hydrate Spark Smart Bottle is very easy to use due to its novel design and simple synchronization with most gadgets, including MapMyFitness and Under Armor Record. 
  • The smooth design makes it simple to hold the container and drink more water, regardless of whether you are in a hurry or at the working environment.
  • The bottle is intended to remind you to drink more water by shining different beautiful colours. This updates can also be sent through phone to guarantee you always remember to drink water.


  • The bottle is costly, though that shouldn’t scare you because it is expected since it carries more feature than other smart bottle such as connecting with more devices like Android and iOS cell phones, MapMyFitness etc.

The Hydrate Spark smart bottle came out as a strong and confident choice to assist you with meeting your hydration objectives without any problem. The bottle’s ability to connect with other fitness gadgets has distinguished it a lot , for example, the Thermos Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid that only works with iOS gadgets.

In spite of the fact that the cost is moderately high, this is an extraordinary smart bottle that you ought to consider if you want to meet your own hydration objectives. Check out what other users needed to say after purchasing this bottle: 

“At the point when I found this bottle, my life changed totally.” 

“I love each quality of this bottle.” 

“The best smart water bottle for me.”

6. Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle: The Largest Smart Water Bottle

Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle

When you read through the vast majority of the water bottles talked about in this review, their volumes extend from 250 ml (8.5 oz) to 750 ml (25.4 oz). Hence, the smaller the bottle, the more you’ll need to consistently top-up the bottle to keep up track with your hydration objectives. 

Consequently, one inquiry that keeps coming up is: “Is there a bigger smart water bottle that one can use for a large number of hours?” 

The response to the above inquiry is the Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle. This is one of the biggest smart water bottle on this review that can contain up to 1800 ml (64 oz) of water. In this manner, you won’t have to continue running from the gym or workspace to top-up your container.

The manufacturer’s made a tracker which appears on the bottle making it easy for you to see your intake level. This maker is designed to show you at a particular time, lets say; 9AM, 12PM and 2PM where the level of water is meant to be if you have been drinking regularly. So, you ought to drink and ensure it is accurate at a particular time. 

The bottle is produced with Tritan and BPA materials, which are non-harmful. Moreover, the bottle is solid and straightforward to make it simple for you to see through and tell whether your hydration objectives are being met. 

Coming up next are extra highlights that you should think about on the Three Drops of Life 64oz Hydration Tracking Large Sports Water Bottle: 

• The enormous size bottle: This huge size bottle makes it easy to hold more water to meet your hydration needs.

• Fitting cap: The top is used to safely cover the water and make drinking water simple whether at work or in a gym center. It fits well to guarantee that your water won’t spill, regardless of whether the container falls over.

• A safety rope: The rope is totally fixed on the neck of the container to permit you to balance it on your wrist when working out. This guarantees you don’t drop your bottle carelessly.


  • The enormous size of the bottle makes it simple to convey more water, particularly when working away from a clean water source. 
  • The structure of the bottle is unique to make it simple to follow. Always check the imprints and attempt to reach them at the recorded time.
  • The bottle is extremely cheap. You can easily buy it and use it to accomplish your hydration objectives. 


  • The bottle is exceptionally big and doesn’t fit in standard cup sizes. 
  • It doesn’t match up with other smart device, for example, a cell phone.

I see this bottle to be truly solid because of its huge water compartment. I had the option to stay for an entire day with this bottle without requiring a top-up. In spite of this, I needed to continue taking a good look at the bottle to know where the water level had reached.

Here is a more intensive glance at what other users had to say about this bottle: 

“I truly preferred this bottle, though I had to move to Moikit Cuptime2 to synchronize with my cell phone.”

“I love this bottle since it is not difficult to use.”

7. Smart Water Bottle Cup: The Most Friendly

Smart Water Bottle Cup

Nowadays, when people look for a smart water bottles, they frequently wonder whether it’s conceivable to accomplish something other than their hydration objectives. Presently, the Smart Water Bottle is intended to assist you with drinking more water, keep some refreshments hot or cold, and can even notify you when it is time to take your medication.

The bottle is made with a vacuum compartment that keeps your water hot or cold. The vacuum seal keeps the water from losing heat so it stays hot when you need to make use of it. Then again, if you pour in cold water to use on a hot day, the vacuum keeps heat away from converting the water to hot, hence, keeping it cold.

The bottle is sleek and uses its sensor to follow your water consumption. The sensor uses a battery to show the temperature and set your hydration targets. You can likewise screen your hydration progress and temperature by using a cell phone. 

• Professional air-tight seal: This is a significant part of the bottle that guarantees your water or fluid won’t spill regardless of whether the bottle falls over. This implies regardless of whether you place it close to things, for example, administrative work, there’s no danger of getting them wet. 

• Wireless charging framework and long battery life: This water bottle utilizes a remote charging framework and its battery can last as long as 24 hours. 

• Stainless steel design: To maintain a good quality and toughness, this bottle is made using treated steel. The hardened steel makes it simple to clean and store. 

Here is a good look at the Pros and Cons: 


  • The bottle is exceptionally simple to use either all alone or with a cell phone using its Smart Water Bottle Cup App. 
  • The bottle is produced with solid materials that ensure high caliber and durability. 
  • The sleek nature of the bottle makes it simple to use with water, coffee, and others depending on your need. 
  • The notification used to remind you about when its take to drink some water can as well be used to remind about medication use. 


  • The water bottle doesn’t hold large volume, just about 500 ml (17 oz). This implies you may need to top-up regularly.

This Smart Water Bottle Cup is a decent choice for the individuals who need an improved bottle to remind them when to take their water routinely. Its convenience and easy looking design makes it good for anyone to carry while going for a jog or for outdoor activity.

What some people had to say about this bottle:

“The best smart bottle when you have a tight budget.”

“Very satisfying smart bottle.”

A Complete Guide To Buying The Right Smart Water Bottle 

At the point when you set out searching for the perfect smart water bottle, it’s very important to consider the highlights you need. Here are some points you ought to be taking into consideration when looking for a smart water bottle for your way of life. 

Know what you need from the bottle

This is presumably the most significant factor in deciding the perfect smart water bottle for you. If you need a smart water bottle to enable you to remind you when to take water, consider going for a model that uses numerous notifications, for example, sound, lights, and vibrations. 

Go for the smart water bottle that is produced by top brands 

As more organizations enter the market to capitalize on the developing interest for smart water bottles, picking the correct one can be a difficult choice. However, it’s best to just consider purchasing from the brands that have shown their duty to quality and good customer services.

Read what different users had to say after using the bottle

If you can read what the individuals who have just used the smart bottle had to say, it will be extremely simple to isolate the great and terrible items. You should likewise read a couple of smart water bottle reviews to get a master counsel on the best bottle to purchase.

Go for the bottle that effectively connects with other different gadgets

Do you have different gadgets that you need to synchronize with smart bottles? If the answer is “yes”, it’s essential to pick a bottle that can synchronize and work with your main device and probably others. Here, you need to consider your smartphone version, For instance, if you have an iPhone device, then the bottle should sync with IOS.

Search for the brilliant jug that you can manage

If you are on a careful spending plan, it’s best to search for a smart bottle that fits your budget. Recall this doesn’t just mean selecting the least expensive choice there, But you should pick a smart water bottle with good features such as able to track your water intake that is presently at a low price or you wait till the stores are offering a discount on these items.

Best Smart Water Bottle

Final TakeAway

To address the intricacy related with calculating the real measure of water you have to take, the test showed that going for the suggested eight glasses a day isn’t in every case enough, sometimes you just have to take more.

The typical guide here is getting a smart water bottle that helps you calculate the required intake of water and focuses on how to accomplish them. This can be carried along with you when going for any outdoor activity like camping or hiking.

This complete best 7 smart water bottle review provides you with different options to help achieve your hydration goals. Note that the bottles reviewed above cut over a wide range of features and costs to guarantee you will definitely find the best for your use. 

To pick the perfect bottle for yourself, try to follow the complete guide for purchasing the top smart water bottle. You ought to specific on the features which are best for you. For instance, you ought to go for the best Bluetooth water bottle, if you need to use Bluetooth during your exercises or at home.

Regardless of the motivation behind why you need a smart water bottle, make it a point to always pick the best.