Blaux Portable AC Review 2020 – Must Read Now

Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux Portable AC Review: It seems like only yesterday it was winter. It was freezing cold, we had to bundle up to go outside, and it seems like old Jack Frost would never go away.

Christmas, then New Year’s came and went. But the undiscovered country was looming just ahead in the distance, just like the Titanic, we were steaming full speed towards the hidden iceberg in the misty distance.

But that was then. Now is now. Most of us are still locked in our houses. And most of the national weather services report that it is going to be a SUPER HOT SUMMER, maybe one of the hottest for decades.

Blaux Portable AC Review
Super Hot Summer

So, instead of heading for air-conditioned summer schools, nicely-cooled offices, or the parks and beaches, we are going to mostly stay inside our homes.

And you know what that means. We’re going to have to crank up the A/C. Our houses and apartments are going to have to be on all the time. Do not faint when you get your first summer electric bill. It might be a killer!

There’s a Way to Stay Cool and Save a Ton of Money! You don’t have to play the game of the greedy electric companies who wants to bill you off every dime.

That’s because NOW, we have the AWESOME BLAUX PORTABLE AC!

You may wonder what the Blaux Portable AC has to offer? that’s right. It has more to offer than you think.

Read this Blaux Portable AC Review to the end and that question will be answered i guarantee you!

What is the Blaux Portable AC [Blaux Portable AC Review]

Blaux Portable AC is the ideal work friend during these summer hot days at home or at the workplace. It’s a battery-powered cooling unit intended to have a small size, be portable and very efficient.

There is an in-built filter which makes it very easy to filter dust particles and provide fresh air.

It additionally has 3 fans which spins with great speed when in use, has a relaxing light display and functions without any noise.

Blaux Portable AC expelling smells, dust particles, microorganisms, and so many other different particles.

The Blaux Portable AC is ideal for your home, office, resting rooms, kitchen, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you wish, you can even include sweet scent perfumes to ensure you get a desired scent when using the Blaux Portable AC.

Blaux Portable AC Review
Blaux Portable AC Review

What are the features of the Blaux Portable AC?

The features of the Blaux Portable AC, are so amazing that it puts this device at the top.

Portable: The included Type-C charging cable allows you to stay powered up wherever you go. Travel from room to room or take it with you on your next road trip using the attached carrying handle.

Adjustable: The clean, modern design is well suited for any room. With 3 fan speeds and a variable louver for directing airflow, you can always optimize the cooling to your personal preference.

Simple to Use: With easy top-fill pouring and cordless operation, the Blaux Portable AC is designed to make your life easier. No re-fill tank to worry about, just pour the water directly into the unit for pleasant, humidified air.

Long Hours of Working: The most astonishing highlight of this air cooler is the ability to be used for a very long time. The battery is able to work for a very long time and also, works perfectly well for more than a day if you must use it that way. However, if you must take a journey this device can be carried along. It is small and very easy to fit into a luggage bag.

Very Easy to clean: It is very important to know that dirt and moist are most likely to fit into the mesh holes of this air cooler. But do not worry this is common with every air cooler. You can easily clean it off using a cloth and detergent. Know that you do not need to pay anyone to do this, as it is very easy to do and also you will save any payment cost.

Power and Charging signal: On the surface of the Blaux Portable AC is a LED ring, which will alert you when the device is powered on or off. With this feature you can simply operate this device. In times when the device has ran out of battery because of constant use and lack of charging, you can ,make use of the Blaux Wearable AC, it will serve best.

Presence of a 3 fan wing: How fast the air cooler produces air is greatly determined by the speed of these fans. This help to put the electricity bills low. In a very hot day, the fan tends to spin at a very fast rate, which in turn increases the bills. But when the fan spins at a moderate speed this produces the best cool air and puts the electric bill very low.

Best Fitting: This can as well be called “one fit all”. This means this device is made perfect for anyone who desires to have it. When placed on any desk, it fits perfectly without falling off. This is a revolutionary device for refrigerator and cooling industry.

Air Space: The Blaux Portable AC has vents on its surface which makes airflow very easy. There is no specific position this cooler must be placed. The vents have very good regulation which allows you to adjust it to the best position you want.

Blaux Portable AC Review
Blaux Portable AC Review

Added Features of the Blaux Portable AC?

These added features puts the Blaux Portable AC above every other air cooler you might have come across.

  • This Blaux Portable AC has air vents that are responsible for backward and forward cooling effect.
  • It has a cooling plate which comprises of a thermal and electrical property, making it work best without any issue.
  • It has an in-built ioniser internal fan to prevent over heating.
  • There is present of internal fan chambers which takes care of pollution and allergic conditions.

These additional properties sets this Blaux AC are a much higher level and produces high efficient results. However, you might be thinking this will increase the cost of the air cooler, for sure that should happen, but nevertheless the manufacturer of this product is giving a 50% discount on this product right now. So Click here to save a spot right now.

Purify the Air in your Home and Office Without Spending a Dime

Indeed, even the cleanest home as you know can be polluted. At the point when somebody sneezes or coughs those small particles can be present in the air for as long as 10 minutes or more.

It is very important to note that the Blaux in Home ioniser has the ability to create negatively charged ions which seeks for all the positive ions in the and attracts them to itself.

These airborne particles and microscopic aerosol droplets are positively charged ions so they easily get attracted to the negative charged ions.

At the point when they mix together, that increases their mass load and they fall directly to the floor making sure you do not inhale them.

Blaux Portable AC
Blaux Portable AC Review

Benefits of Using the Blaux portable AC 

  • It provides consistent air circulation. 
  • It provides a clean fresh air which is also ionized and has no ozone content.
  • It provides you with the best working environment.
  • It totally moves all floating dirts, microscopic organisms, and residue dirts which might have clustered within the air cooler.
  • It puts the Hot weather away and provides the best sleeping condition.
  • It has a cord-free operation
  • All Harmful particles in air are completed evacuated.
  • It has a very clean activated charcoal filter, which purifies the air it expels out.

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What is the Working Mechanism of the Blaux Portable AC

Energy Source: Getting an energy supply for the Blaux Portable AC is not a problem at all. It can be charged using the normal socket in your house or by using your power bank or any energy storing device.

The Cooling Principle: This device makes use of the Thermoelectric effect. It has an in-built refrigerator technique which produces a cooling effect. The DC electric current is responsible to produce heat energy at one side of the plate which is then submerged in the heat sink keeping it at room temperature. While the other part of the plate remains cooler. After sometime, the temperature becomes cool, when air enters the vent it gets cooled and the AC produces a maximum cooling effect.

Blaux Portable AC

Biological importance: There is an in-built filter which kills bacteria and cleans the air. After so much use, you need to replace the filter to keep everywhere clean. After purchase of this device, you get an ioniser with a  filter bed which is used for cleaning purpose. 
If you do not change the filter from time to time, you allow the diffused ozone molecules cluster on the filter causing pollution and allergies. This is to ensure you get purified and fresh air anything you make use of this device. Anyone that has dust allergy should try using this device, it will really help.

What Other Users have to Say?

“I used to sleep with a fan beside my bed, but I found it to be too loud! If I was reading beforehand, breeze was always bothersome. The Blaux Portable AC unit gives me all the cold air I could ask for, but without all the hassles of my old fan. It’s great.” – Geoff L. Shreveport, LA

“I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves longer because he’s more comfortable. “ – Larissa B. Toronto, ON

“I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Blaux Portable AC. Although its easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.” – Ryan D. Saginaw, MI

Blaux Portable AC Review
Blaux Portable AC Review
Amazing Benefits of the Blaux Portable AC

Customer Support Details

This Blaux Portable AC is produced by a brand called Blaux, which is a branch of the Hong Kong-based company called Strong Current Enterprise. The Strong Current Enterprise is an ecommerce company which are happy to hear from you anytime. You can contact them using any option below:

  • Email:
  • Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
  • Phone (UK & Ireland): 08708 200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 8607 8316
  • Mailing Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon East Building, 12 Lei Yue Mun Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Where can I get the Blaux Portable AC?

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