CashProtect Review 2020 – Never Lose Track of Your Money.


How many times have you gone to reach for your wallet and it isn’t there? This goes to say that this CashProtect Review is for you.

You think back to the crowded public transport, the dodgy character at your local grocery store, and the last cafe you purchased your coffee from.

There are so many possibilities for where it could be, but how on earth can you possibly know which one of those options is the right one?

Then, you think about all those cards you will need to replace, the possibility for identity theft, and the loss of your family photo you had stored neatly inside it.

Losing your wallet can feel like losing a limb, especially since there is no way of getting it back once it’s gone. Or is there? 

We stumbled across a product that could make losing your wallet a fun challenge opposed to a heartbreaking moment.

This product is called CashProtect and it can help you become a crime fighter or a problem solver, depending on the situation.

What is CashProtect?

CashProtect, also called ‘Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet’ is a wallet not dissimilar to the one you probably carry around in your back pocket. It’s available in three colors – black, brown, or red, and is made out of high-quality leather.

However, it’s not just a wallet, it’s an investment in your wallet’s protection thanks to its Bluetooth tracking capabilities.

When we first saw CashProtect, it looked just like any other wallet on the market. It comes in a neat gift box, is leather, and holds just as many cards and cash as most other wallets on the market. However, CashProtect is more than just a wallet, and we’ll endeavor to explain.

While it functions like your everyday wallet does, it also features handy Bluetooth connectivity. 

Who would have thought technology would some day allow this to happen? Once you turn Bluetooth on, on your mobile device, you can then bring up your wallet on your screen. In an instant, your wallet becomes a traceable object just like your mobile phone is with a particular application as well.

You can swap out your old wallet for this one, transfer all your cards and cash over, and benefit from knowing that when you lose it or have it stolen, you can find its whereabouts at a touch of a button. If it has been stolen, you can then alert the proper authorities for its swift return.

However, CashProtect is also so much more than just a wallet you can track. If you lose your phone but have your wallet, you can track your phone instead. It has a 2-way alarm, as well as a remote self timer and uses barely any battery at all.

CashProtect review

Do You have a Contact Less Card?

Yes, it’s an amazing new technology that’s making your life easier for micro payments, but it’s extremely unsafe if you don’t keep your card 24/7 in a safe place.

You might’ve heard about how fraudsters have been installing wireless reading devices in stores around the globe, which allow them to make a copy of your contactless chip.

They can then go ahead and use their copied contactless devices to pay on your behalf, without even having to enter any PIN code whatsoever.

Thankfully, CashProtect has you covered: Behind its high quality leather cover, it also has a hidden layer of airplane-grade material which blocks any electromagnetic NFC signals coming from within the wallet.

This simple but highly effective solution will keep your credit card safe from any fraudsters that might try to get your contactless data.

How does CashProtect Work?

Given how technologically advanced this wallet is, you would think it would be tricky to use, but it’s not. Our team managed to connect it to their phones with ease and began tracking the wallet around the office.

All you need to do is turn the Bluetooth on – on both the wallet and phone – and this will automatically bring up a range of settings on your phone. You can then follow the map to track down your missing wallet.

We then tried it the opposite way, using the 2-way alarm. We “lost” our smartphone, then used our wallet to track it down.

It took mere seconds to put this plan into action and we were floored by how easy and effective it was. It also didn’t matter whether you had iOS or Android – it was compatible with both.

Over time, the battery in the wallet does go flat, but charging is so easy. When you get to the office, or get home, just plug your wallet in with the supplied USB cable and let it charge for a few hours. It’s a really easy process and one that even those who aren’t tech-savvy can understand how to do.


Who can Benefit from CashProtect?

Everyone has a friend or family member who loses their wallet on a regular basis. It might even be you.

Therefore, if you spend more time looking for your wallet than you do using it, then you can benefit from CashProtect (Louis Blanc Smart-Wallet).

However, those who find themselves on crowded public transport, traveling, or in highly populated areas on a regular basis can also benefit from CashProtect.

If you’re at risk of having your wallet stolen, then there’s every reason to invest in this wallet.

The best part is, it’s an entirely discrete tracking system. Those who steal your wallet will not be aware that they are being tracked.

Therefore, you can provide the element of surprise when the authorities turn up on their door looking for it. You can become a crime fighter all the while getting back what’s rightfully yours.

CashProtect Features

  • High-quality leather wallet
  • Available in red, brown, or black
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2-way alarm


  • Easy to use – Really anyone can use it
  • Extremely High Value for its Price
  • 50% Discount Currently Available


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon


It has been a while since the public had access to such an important invention, for such reasonable prices. We’re glad that startup companies keep on pushing the bar higher, day by day.

CashProtect is now offering a solution for those who are worried about losing their wallet or having it stolen.

Losing your wallet, or having it stolen, doesn’t have to mean it’s gone for good. CashProtect can help you to track it down in an instant.

You won’t believe it!

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