Drone 720 Review – Is this Worth My Money?

Drone 720 Review

To the world right now, the word ‘Drone’ is not new anymore, in fact so many people wish they had one drone but are scared to make a mistake of buying the wrong drone. This drone 720 review will covers all your questions, keep reading to the end.

It is so clear that drones are the latest gadget trending in the world currently and a whole lot of people wish to get their hands on one of these drones.

No matter the age, children, adult and business owners, everybody wants a drone.

Its is very important to know that these drones are not as cheap as people think they are, though some can be very cheap but won’t satisfy your need. We call those type ‘the children kind of drones’. But to get a drone that will fascinate you and get you engaged, you just have to go for the high end drones

At this point, you just have to make a little investment, which I guarantee you, it will really be worth it.

Because some money is involved here, it will be nice you do not rush into getting a drone when proper research has not been made, it is always necessary to do a good research before spending a dime on any product whatsoever.

This is the point where we come in, to save you so much time and energy you would have spend on research about the best drone to purchase, we did that job for you, I can imagine a smile on your face right now.

Truth be told, we love our reader and bring to them nothing but the best of all products putting in mind the harsh economy in the world.

However, this drone is called Drone 720, which meets the needs of the people, easy to use and at a very cheap price. I am sure you might not have seen this if you went doing the research yourself.  

Without wasting time, lets tell you all you need to know in just 5 minutes of your time, I am sure you will love it.

The Drone 720 Review

The Drone 720 also called ‘Drone X Pro’ is a pure lover of art, designed to take pictures from a bird’s point of view if you so desire that view.

At any point of view you wish to have, the drone 720 is here for you. You do not need to go through a text book before flying this drone, just a single push of a button and the drone has taken off.

This drone 720 is portable and foldable which makes it very easy to carry around without anyone noticing it. 

It has a HD Camera which it uses to record events and take pictures at any times and offers a real-time transmission, supports virtual reality and has a very good gravity sensor. 

So many reviews say,  the drone 720 can reach a speed of twelve meters every second when flying,  you can see how amazing that is.

This drone 720 comes with a remote control which you can use anytime, but also you can connect it to your mobile phone if you wish to enjoy this vibe around your friends. 

There is also a manufacturer’s app which you can download on your phone to learn more and see how others enjoy this amazing drone.

This drone is perfect for anyone and very easy to fly.

drone 720 review

Who Produced the Drone 720

It is of great importance to know where your product is been produced from to prevent buying a fake item. We are glad to say that this was produced by Two German Engineers who have always loved drones and decided in their power to make it available for everyone.

These Engineers never liked the fact that drones were only enjoyed by the rich people and wanted to break that for a very long time. The also made this better than most drones because this drone is lightweight when compared to other drones which are heavy. 

Also making sure this drone can be controlled with ease, either by using the remote or your mobile phone. 

They never forgot one amazing feature which is loved by so many people which is the ability to take selfies. This drone is fantastic when it comes to taking pictures, selfies or video recording. You just have to trust the Germans, they are good.

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Using your smartphone, you have the option to view images live which the drone has just taken, then again if you wish to view all images after taking the pictures, you can as well do that. 

Utilising the panorama mode,  it is very easy to get image of very wide range in one clean shot. It is that easy.  With the feature it is mostly used in taking selfies at various events such as parties, celebrations and all. 

Drone 720  makes its control so easy to the point it shows you that it has an easy to land and take off mode. Nothing is complex with it, it just needs you to press a single button.  Making it very easy for even beginners to fly this drone.

To kick start everything, you need to set up an App or if you wish just scan the QR Code. It is very easy and straightforward to do, you do not need any help to do this.

Then next, you put the battery in which it comes with after you purchase it, then connect it to the drone and click the App. 

Within less than ten seconds, you can make use of your newly purchased drone.

The good feature which differentiates this drone from others is the fact that it is very easy to fly, it has amazing controls. A friends who just purchased this drone gave it to his 12 year old to fix and without making any mistake, he fixed it perfectly and took it on a first flight ever, it was really an awesome moment.

When you have set the drone high up in the sky, you can begin to use the integrated camera which gas an inbuilt HD display for pictures and videos. 

Using this drone, no angle is impossible to take a shot. You will amaze you friends and family about the kind of pictures you will be uploading after getting this drone. They will really beg you for a shot from the drone. For sure your instagram followers will increase massively. 

drone 720

Using the Drone 720 App [Drone 720 Review]

You should know already that this drone is very easy to use and can be controlled using the remote or by connected to your smartphone. 

So the question now is how do I connect my smartphone to this drone? We all know that using your smartphone to control your drone is way much cooler than using the remote control.  There is so much vibe in that.

All you need to do, is download the App from Google play store or Apple store for free. There is no cost attached to this.

You connect the App to the drone using your wifi connection and link to your remote control. 

After doing this, the drone 720 can be controlled by either the remote control or your smartphone.

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The Features and Benefits of Drone 720

The Drone 720 is the best drone for beginners and also for people who have experience with drones in the past. Here is the qualities of this drone 720;

Foldable: The drone 720 is highly foldable making it easy to carry with you anywhere you wish to go, without causing an increase in load.

Controlled using your smartphone: No matter the phone you make use off, be it android or IOS Version, you can control your drone using it. Just download and set up the App free then connect using Wifi to your drone 720.

Improved Flight Time: This drone 720 comes with a very good battery life and known to be the fastest drone in the world today with about 12 metres for every second and top transmission range of 2 kilometres.

Altitude Hold mode: This is the feature so many have loved  about the drone 720, it can lock in a particular position in the air, maintain it and take amazing pictures or record videos completely without changing position.

Anti-Collision Technology: It has an integrated sensor which helps the drone 720 prevent collision with obstacles when in motion. 

3 Dimension VR Mode: Using the joy stick gives you the ability to get this mode when using the drone 720.

Portable: This drone 720 is highly portable making it easy to move around with.

High Quality Video: All the photos or videos done by using this drone 720 has one thing in common, which is very clear and sharp looking quality. 

Panorama Mode: This feature gives you the ability to capture 360 degree images of an event with just one click of the button. All you need to do is just switch on this mode and you’re all set.

drone 720 review

Basic Guide on the Drone 720

Some people say that drones are difficult to use or fly, maybe some but not all drones.  It is good to know that the drone 720 is easy to use so we provided this basic guide to drone 720 setup;

Step 1 -After the drone has been delivered to you, you bring it out of the box with its other parts. Everything in the box you bring it out.

Step 2 – Using a screwdriver which will be provided in the box, connect the blades to the drone. This was not attached to the drone to prevent damage to it.

Step 3 – After you have done that, download the App on the Google Play Store for Android phone or Apple Store for IOS phone.

Step 4 – Connect the App to your drone using a wifi connection. This is clearly written in the manual on how to do it. 

Step 5 – Connect your drone to the remote control or smartphone, which ever you want.

Step 6 – Charge the drone till it is completely full. 

Step 7 – Press the one take-off button on the drone.

Step 8 – Start enjoying your drone.

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What Makes the Drone 720 So Special?

There are numerous reasons why this drone is known to be so special such as the HD camera display, user-friendly, portability and improved flight time.

At the first look at the drone 720, it looks like a mobile phone, which has its easy to fold rotors that can fit well into your pocket or bag.

The drone is perfect for both beginners and skilled users. It also has a fantastic hovering ability. You just steer and enjoy the flight motion.

The camera quality of this drone is so fantastic that people will wonder how you were able to get such shots. There are some ABS plastics used in making this drone making it tougher and durable for a very long time.

A very important thing to consider when buying a drone is the price, we all know that cheap things do not really last long and are of low quality, but the Drone 720 has disproved that fact, because it has all the qualities of the top drones in the market at less than a fraction of their price. The Drone 720 is available at less than a $100. I am sure you love this part. You will never regret getting this drone for sure.

Who is this Drone 720 for?

This drone 720 is so popular that it is known for the incredible pictures and video recordings.

  • This drone be used by every individual in this world, no mater the Age, gender or country.
  • All business owners will love this to improve their business.
  • All photographers will need this drone to take that pictures to the next level.
  • All event or ceremonial activity organisations will need this drone for future and presents development.
  • All entertainment individuals who love keeping track of events and travels will love this.
  • Students, Workers and so many more who love enjoying the cool evenings or weekend vibes will make good use of this drone.
Drone 720 Review

Drone 720 Customer Opinions

This drone can be easily controlled with your mobile phone making it easy to capture all amazing videos and picture you want. So many people also call this a fantastic toy to have.

It is very easy to control, user-friendly and  fascinating.

There is no skill needed here before operating this drone. 

You should also know that before taking your drone into the sky, you should take note of the weather condition. 

You should also note that, flying this drone during rainfall is not good neither during heavy wind period. 


This Drone 720 (Drone X Pro) is the latest drone current, very easy to use, has a HD Camera quality, portable and can easily be controlled using your smartphone or the remote control.

For anyone looking for a beginner friendly drone, this is the best for you.

If you have used drones in the past and need a new experience, this drone will serve you best.

If you need a drone for a business or photographic industry, look no further than the Drone 720. This will be your companion and provide the best quality you will need.

Where can I get the Drone 720

So many people always ask where they can get this drone, because of that we have solved that problem. We reached out to the company directly to provide us with a link to their website where you can easily purchase this drone.

The company provided us with the link, so all you have to do is click the button below, you will be taken to their website. Then you fill in your details. That is all, you then relax and wait for your drone to be delivered to you. 

The company will always give you updates on you product so you will be aware that your product is on its way to your location. 

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