Drone X Pro Review 2020 – Read This Before You Buy

drone x pro

Drones offer you a unique way of capturing special moments in your adventures like no other device has been able to before.

With an increasingly popular market also comes a vast range of products to choose from – while some drones on the market are really good, others are truly not worth the money.

In this Drone X Pro Review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the top-rated drones in its price range and see if it this is the right option for capturing every moment in your adventure.

The drone market has already reached past $127 billion. Today, millions of people own a drone – some use drones to capture moments in the adventures they take on in life, while others would buy a drone for more commercial purposes.

Regardless of why the drone is used, one thing is for sure – drones tend to cost a lot of money. 

When we look at some of the more affordable drones on the market, we often see drones that are made from cheap quality materials and ones that won’t allow you to take high-quality photos – this is not the ideal scenario if you are looking to capture precious moments and memories. 

The Drone X Pro is part of the Drone X series and is presented as an affordable option for people looking to buy a drone, while also keeping their budget in mind.

This drone has received quite a lot of rave, which is why we decided to take a closer look at what the drone is all about and whether it really is worth your money.

Drone X Pro Review
Drone X Pro

What Is The Drone X Pro?

The Drone X Pro is a high-quality drone that is available at an affordable price. The product comes with a range of convenient features that focuses on making your experience with a drone more enjoyable.

The idea behind the Drone X Pro is to provide you with a product that will be able to capture all your memories during the adventures that you decide to take on – whether it is a hiking trip up the mountain or simply a day out at the beach.

One thing that is really beneficial about the Drone X Pro is the fact that it is appropriately sized. Not only can it be easily used for flying and recording in the inside of a building but it is also durable enough to be used outside. In short, you can use this drone almost anywhere.

Top Features Of The Drone X Pro

The Drone X Pro comes with a range of convenient features to make your experience more immersive with the drone, and to ensure every moment of your adventure can be captured and then treasured. 

Some of the best features that the Drone X Pro offers you include:

  • The propellers of the drone are designed to be foldable, allowing you to fold up the drone while not in use. This greatly improves the portability of the drone and makes it much safer to take it with you on trips. 
  • The Drone X Pro was designed to be a lightweight drone that further adds to the portability of the device. The lightweight also means it can take off from the ground faster and easier than some of the heavier drones that are available on the market. 
  • The materials used in the Drone X Pro are all selected based on their quality, ensuring that the drone is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • You can record HD videos with a recording capability of 120 frames per second with this drone, along with photos of up to 12MP. 
  • The extended battery allows you to fly the drone for as long as 12 minutes at a time, without the need to change the batteries of the drone in the meantime or even touch the ground. (Drones in its price range lasts for about 5 – 10 mins)
  • The built-in gravity sensors in the drone also ensure the drone will not collide with surfaces, as it will automatically turn and change direction when obstacles are detected. 
Drone X Pro
Drone X Pro

How Do You Use The Drone X Pro?

The Drone X Pro comes with a convenient remote control, which can be used standalone or connected to a compatible smartphone.

The drone connects to both the control and your smartphone wirelessly and will then transmit images toward your smartphone – you’ll be able to see exactly what the drone sees all the time right from your phone screen.

Below is a short video showing some of the features of this device.

drone x pro review

How Much Does The Drone X Pro Cost?

Compared to other entry-level drones currently on the market, the Drone X Pro is definitely one of the more affordable options out there.

You can pick up the Drone X Pro from the product’s manufacturer’s online store for $99. Although that is currently a discount price and we don’t know when the price is set to go up.

In addition to the main product being sold at a 50% discount for $99, you can take advantage of their bulk offers.

When you buy multiple drones at the same time, the company will throw in an extra drone or two for free, depending on the specific package that you choose.

Here’s an overview of the packages offered by the manufacturer of the Drone X Pro:

  • 1 Drone X Pro @ $99
  • 2 Drone X Pros @ $197 (Comes with an additional Drone X Pro for free)
  • 3 Drone X Pros @ $297 (Comes with an additional two Drone X Pros for free)

Do you know what that means, you spend $297 buying 3 drones and get an extra 2 for free, that is 5 drones in total. That’s insane…

Now I don’t know why are they doing that, but what I do know is that such deals don’t last forever so quick action is needed (more on that at the end of the article)

You can also choose to add additional accessories to your order, including:

  • 720p High-Resolution Camera 
  • Extra Propeller Blades Set
  • DroneX Pro Protection Travel Caser

Furthermore, you can also add a lifetime warranty to the Drone X Pro order that you place with the company. This way, you will be provided a warranty on the Drone X Pro that will last for as long as you use the product.

Drone X Pro
Drone X Pro

Final Verdict: Should You Buy The Drone X Pro?

With more-and-more drones hitting the market, buying the right one to capture your memories and adventures are becoming increasingly difficult, especially for those who are shopping on a smaller budget.

From this Drone X Pro Review, We can see that this is currently one of the best options that you can choose if you prefer to buy a quality drone for under $100. The drone is made from quality materials, feature an extended battery life, and is compatible with a large number of accessories to make your experience even more captivating.

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*Note*– As stated above, Drone X Pro is currently on a special promo.

2 Drone X Pros @ $197 Comes with an additional Drone X Pro for free,

While 3 Drone X Pros @ $297 Comes with an additional two Drone X Pros for free

I don’t know how long this promo will last, but I do know promos don’t usually last long, so if you are interested in getting this device now is a pretty good time to get it.

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