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Gaming bean bag chairs, one of the main structures one can see in the room of a real game player. Gaming is something both the young and the adults do, heck, my husband is doing that right now with our little boy. He once made use of a traditional chair and a propped up pillow but decided to invest in a bean bag chair. The difference was very clear to him. Right now he is glad he has something extra special to sit on while playing with our boy. These serve a lot of purpose and has enough fluff to support you.

 gaming bean bag chair

While you spend hours playing games with your best friends, there are consequences to wrong posture when doing so. The chair you sit on should provide you with optimal support. This is meant to help you not to hurt your back and neck in any way. We therefore put up some of the best bean bag chairs that isn’t going to hurt you.


Okay, you may be thinking why is it so important to have a good posture while gaming? Well, it is important is because it improves the efficiency of our muscles, breathing, prevents injury and performance while gaming. A bad posture will make our muscles have a harder time trying to hold our body up properly.

A poor posture accompanies gives rise to a difficult breathing. Your overall energy and strength will decline. Not to mention, it increases the risk of musclo-skeletal injuries.
The best position you can possibly be in is straight up, not slouched over!

Sitting in a slouched position, gives one a forward head, hunched back and slouched shoulders. Its a very bad position to set eyes on. With this poor posture, the muscles at your front are shortened while the muscles at your back side are weakened and lengthened. Our muscles are therefore not able to hold up our bodies. The lungs can’t expand fully in this position and this doesn’t allow you breathe well. This is just a tip of the iceberg of bad things happening to your body if you continue to sit this way.


Of course, there’s a proper way to sit in a gaming chair, believe it or not. The neutral position which allows your joints have the least amount of tension on your supporting tissues is the best gaming position. It prevents our muscles from tiring out easily. This means a lower risk of injuries. While optimizing your sitting position, there are 3 regions of the body you must take care of.

  • The Spine
  • Shoulder blades
  • and the hips


Gaming bean bag chairs

The most neglected areas of our posture are the mid back and neck. Most of us while gaming have rounded shoulders and forward leaned heads. The position of these cannot be properly engaged without setting the mid-back correctly. You should remember these things when thinking about posture.

  • Naturally, your neck curves inwards
  • Your mid-back curves outwards
  • Your lower back curves inwards

Therefore for proper posture, you should remember that your chest has to be out. Basically, this is the easiest way to get your spine to the neutral position and thus eliminate pain and poor ergonomics. As for your neck, tuck your chin in rather than move your head inwards. When it comes to the lower-back, keep everything right in the center. It keeps the back in a neutral position with a slight arch.

 shoulder blades concern in bean bag


Once the mid-spine has been set, the shoulder blades can be set too. Poor posture can place a lot of stress on the surrounding tendons, muscles and joints. In fact, there are 17 muscle attachments that you must not ruin.

Those who have sad or rounded shoulders are doing more harm than good to their body. The earlier one identifies this issue and sorts it out, the better. Improving the position of your shoulder blades will surely improve your gaming experience.


The hips are not much of a problem so far you have adjusted your back and shoulder. Your hips and thigh should be parallel to the floor whenever you are playing a game. The thighs should be hip-distance apart. This means that the knees should not come in contact.


Hmm, did you know that poor posture can cause back pain? You may not feel its effect after just few hours but it will happen in the long run. Back pain that is caused by poor posture can have the following symptoms.

—>Back pain that is worse at certain times of the day
—>Pain that begins at the neck and moves into your upper and your lower back
–>Pain that goes away after changing position while standing or sitting.

You can maintain a good posture by sitting using a bean bag chair and walking tall.

Top Gaming Bean Bag Chair for review

1. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: I have great news for you. If you have been searching for gaming bean bag chairs, the Chill sack bean bag chair got your back. This bag measures 60 * 60 * 34 inches. It can collapse into a set that loves your back and forms to fit your body. It has a space for two hence, you can cuddle, share with a friend or spread out to relax. 

These bags are stuffed with a shredded, soft, memory foam blend that is highly durable. It maintains shape and increases comfort levels. It is easy to maintain because it has a super micro-suede cover which makes it easy to remove and clean. Like most USA products, it is a high quality furniture. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the five foot bean bag is a popular product       

It is available in more than 23 colours It is heavy depite it’s appearance
Suitable for more than one person Needs reshaping after evert use/goes flat quick
Easy to inflate and deflate
Durable, double stitchedfor increasedstrength
Integrated shredded memory foam for ergonomic purpose

2. Big Joe Soccer Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

Gaming bean bag chairs

Big Joe Soccer bean bag

This gaming bean bag chairs is another popular choice. It’s got a special design meant for lovers of soccer, basketball and football. It is made of soft materials and is very comfortable. However, there are only 3 colors you can choose from. It’s got a 20-percent denser UltimaX beans which is designed to create a tougher and more durable piece of furniture.

Although it’s an undeniable fact that most bean bags will ultimately compress over time, Big Joe Soccer Bean bag chair is designed to last for years. It’s double stitched and has double zippers for added strength and safety. Importantly, all bean bags can be refilled.

Therefore, this bean bag chair is perfect if you are looking for a chair with personality. It’d add more spark to your Pro Evolution Soccer or your FIFA. If you also love a company that gives back to the society, you’re in the right place because this brand donates some profit to charity such as National Children’s Advocacy Center.

It is cheap Some customers complained that the bean bags shrink down to half their original size within only a few months
Unique design
Integrated 20% denser Ultimax beans which conform to your body shape and weight
Double stitched and double zippers for added strength and safety

3. Flash Furniture Over sized Solid Red Bean Bag Chair

Gaming bean bag chairs

This gaming bean bag chair makes players comfortable and adds extra style while playing a game. It comes in 5 beautiful colors, has a lightweight design and is a great addition to any bedroom or gaming room. It’s red solid cover can be easily removed in order to wash it. You can always use a washing machine for that or simply do a spot cleaning whenever accidents happen.

Some reviewers have said that this product is big enough to fit more than one adult or 2 children. Some also disagree with this. Obviously, the size this bag accommodates for will largely depend upon body weight, body type and your preference.

Reviewers are also prone for meriting the value for money of this bag as the price tag of this bag obviously worth the features and the level of comfort it offers. By the way, this product’s beads need to be replaced once in a while but then they are secured with a metal safety zipper. This means you have nothing to worry about while playing your game since you can roll them over without spilling its content.

It’s got a light weight Some bean bags have more beans than the others
It is available in 5 different colours
Could fit more than one adult or 2 children
Cotton-Twill Upholstery
Spot clean with damp cloth

4. Sofa Sack Gaming Bean Bag Chairs

                                               sofa sack bean bags

Gaming bean bag chairs

Simple and soft, this bean bag chair comes in different colors and of course can be used by both adults and children. It makes use of memory foam instead of the routine beans. Hence, it gives a more fluffy feel and comfort since it contains no beans.

In addition to the memory foams, it is made up of durable foam stuffing, encased velvet, passion suede with durable stitching for maximum strength. Since it was designed to support small rowdy toddlers up to large men and women, these stuffed chairs are built to last.

By the way, these super soft and velvety bean bags are great for sitting, napping, and lounging. 24″ off the ground and 36” x 36” in size, babies, toddlers and kids will love how much room they offer while adults enjoy the single sized seating.

They are very mobile thanks to their light weight. Moreover, due to smart compact design the chair can be a great option for a traveler’s pack, as the bottom part of this small and compact bean bag chair has the ability to grow to its full intended size within a matter of minutes.

In addition to the above, these bags are very nice for gaming, studying in teen bedroom, college dorm room or even a family movie. Therefore these seats are the perfect room addition.

Available in more than 10 colours It may be too small or too short if you’re a bit taller or more muscular
Frustration free packaging
It is ideal for smaller spaces 
Contains memory foam, which is much more fluffy than bean filled chairs
Besides contouring to your body better, they also last longer by maintaining their structure over prolonged use


Gaming bean bag chairs

Made in the USA, the Fugu gaming bean bag chair is the best option for a product with integrated foam. Also, it comes in 14 different shades and 5 large sizes ranging from 4XL to 8XL. It’s really big.

The fugu bean bag chair is filled with ultra-soft pillow grade foam. However, this is designed to engulf the user in total comfort and return to their original shape after fluffing. Most importantly, the quality and shape of this special foam eliminates lumps and hard spots. This is because the foams are roughly shaped and are in various sizes.

Additionally, this gaming bean bag chair has a double layer construction. The first layer is meant to provide adequate lumbar and spinal support. The second is motion transferring and pressure resistant. In other words, this bean bag is an ergonomic product with much to offer.

                                                height of fugu chair

6. Big Joe Lux cube and ottman Bean Bag Chair

Gaming bean bag chairs

                                          Lux cube bean bag chair

Considered the ultimate in comfortable convenience, the Lux by Big Joe Cube & Ottoman Bean Bag offers a casual yet luxurious seating, all while being incredibly lightweight. In addition to the increased portability, you have the option of customizing the look of this bean bag, ranging from options like the color (gray union or pecan) to the fabric.

Moreover, the cube-shaped product is accompanied by a matching ottoman which gives game players the option to relax their feet during long gaming sessions. The filling of this bean bag chair comprises of body-conforming UltimaX beans, which is something that Big Joe has already accustomed us to.

In terms of maintenance, the Lux Cube & Ottoman requires gentle cleaning products which don’t contain harsh chemicals, and there is no option of machine washing it, but rather you can easily spot clean the entire bean bag.

When it comes to reviews, it seems that most buyers are quick to praise the cube due to its lightness and level of comfort offered, however, others express concerns about the overall height of the product, which makes some feel like they’re sitting on the floor.


If you are looking to buy a gaming bean bag chair which is suitable, then you need to understand that each design is different in terms of features. While a seasoned buyer would know what to look for, most people need to learn a little more in order to make the best buying choice. You can also learn how to clean bean bag chair here

Here are some aspects which need your consideration before deciding what to buy:

Design and support

Although most gaming bean bag chairs have a classic round shape, there are other options available as well (i.e. elongated or pear-shaped). Nonetheless, your decision should revolve around your own unique needs and the level of support that you’re aiming for. The feature which differentiates bean bags from other chairs is comfort and design.

While you will be able to sit on gaming bean bag chairs in many different ways and postures, if you’re looking for a gaming bean bag chair, you need to take into consideration ergonomics. For example, if you’re comfortable with the idea of only playing for a couple of hours, limited support is ideal for your circumstances, considering the short period of time it will be used for.

Type of Upholstery

The second variation in a gaming bean bag chair is the type of upholstery that has been used in manufacturing that piece of furniture. While back in the day most companies used cotton and nylon, nowadays vinyl, leather, suede or combination of vinyl and leather are the preferred materials.

certain types are easier to clean and maintain. For example, if you’re prone to spilling your drink or knocking your water over while in a gaming marathon, choose a fabric like leather and vinyl. These will also be ideal for players who are can get cold easily, as leather retains heat. Otherwise, choose a washable fabric, such as cotton and nylon, which are machine washable.

Faux Leather – Gaming bean bag chairs is most commonly made from PVC, with a leather grain embossed into the fabric.

Faux Suede – This offers the soft-to-the-touch feel made from polyester which replicates a velvety feel. Hence characterized by easier care & maintenance. Learn how to clean it here.

Outdoor Beanbags – often made from polyester, they are water resistant and easy to wipe clean; they also retain their shape more easily.  

Cotton – made from cotton, this is a practical and durable material. It also can be machine washed at 30° for easy care.


This feature goes hand-in-hand with ergonomics, as fillings are responsible for providing you with the desired level of comfort. As a result, dried beans, rice, and corn were the popular choices in the 70’s. However, due to advancements in technology, better alternatives are now available. Polypropylene pellets, Styrofoam, or polystyrene balls are the popular alternatives to dried beans. This is because they create a softer and more comfortable experience for game players. In other words, the way bean bag chairs are produced has greatly improved over the years.

Other Important Features

Fire retardant – for fire safety purposes.
Double Zipped – helps prevent beans spilling out.
Double Stitching – for increased strength and practicality.
Ease of cleaning – faux leather and outdoor fabrics are easy to wipe clean from sticky fingers and spilled drinks.


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