HomeNetix Review 2020: Read This Before Buying!


What’s the first thing you grab in your hand after you wake up? This is why you need to read the HomeNetix Review now and learn about it.

We wish the answer would be a glass of water but it probably is your phone. And that is not a surprise since all the information we need is in on our phone.

It helps us stay in touch with friends and family and it keeps us informed through different social media platforms. Also, it keeps track of our finances, the steps we take in a day and the number of calories we burn. It can also monitor our blood pressure and protect us from a sudden heart attack.

Basically, we can pretty much control every aspect of our lives with our phone. But what if we could also control our home? It may sound surreal, but it is easier than you think to transform your phone into an intelligent home control center.


With the help of HomeNETIX which will replace all your remotes with your smartphone. Here is everything you need to know about HomeNETIX and how it can improve your life.

HomeNetix Review – what we love about it

Before going into detail about how to use HomeNETIX, here some reasons why you will fall in love with this device, from the first time you use it.

What is HomeNETIX, you may ask?

To break it down, it is basically a home control center, a device that turns your house into a smart home.

It turns your basic home appliances into smart devices, connected to a universal system. That means that you can control your home anywhere, anytime through the application installed on your phone. It is compatible with IOS, Android and Alexa. This makes it accessible to anyone.

Another great thing about it is that it can support all home appliances. This includes the TV, the TV box, air conditioning, DVD, lighting and so on.

Sometimes, smart devices like this can be quite difficult to install and use, but homenetix control center can be used by anybody. Lastly, we love the fact that it has an easy configuration and can be connected to the WiFi, without any gateway needed.

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Continuing on with our HomeNETIX review, we will go into details about the things that this device can do for you.

HomeNETIX Key Features

Perfect Android, Alexa, and iOS

This gives you different match up choices and progressively available. You can utilize various gadgets to control your HomeNETIX. What’s more, since you convey your cell phone anyplace you go, you can control gadgets at home whenever and place.

Supports Multiple Appliances

From the TV box, the TV itself, the DVD, to the AC unit, HomeNETIX gives you the intensity of access whenever. You can likewise control your sound framework, lighting, in addition to other things.

Voice Command Function

When you introduce the HomeNETIX application, you can control all your hardware by giving the gadget a voice direction. For example, to turn on the TV, simply open the application and advise your HomeNETIC to “turn the TV!”

HomeNETIX Reviews

Search this gadget on the web, and you will get various client audits and tributes. While a couple of clients are not intrigued by a couple of highlights of the gadget, the greater part of the surveys we found online are sure. One fulfilled client, Jennifer Jones, says, “This is a unique little something that you don’t have the foggiest idea how significant it is until you have it. You should attempt it.”

Here is how you can transform your house into a smart home:

One of its most important features is that you can turn off the lights from anywhere. You no longer have to get out of the bed in order to turn them off.

And more importantly, you no longer have to worry that you left them on when going pn vacation or leaving the house for work.

The same goes for turning the lights back on.

We have all experienced wandering in our houses aimless in the dark because we forgot to turn on the lights when entering the house or could not reach them when getting out of the bed during the night.

And it is definitely not a pleasant situation. For this, you can program Homenetix to turn on a light for you every night at the time you get home from work, for example.

Another great feature is that it has a voice control option. This way, you can change the channel anytime you want, for example, without searching for the ever-lost remote for minutes.

Not only it helps you control the lights in your house but it also helps you control your AC during the night, for better sleep. The HomeNETIX remote app has a built-in sleep function that keeps your air conditioning device at an optimal sleeping level, while also conserving energy.

As stated above, you can also control your TV and this means that you can also limit your screen time.

So if you want to spend less time watching TV or you want to limit your children’s screen time, HomeNETIX allows you to see how much time you watched it, so you can limit the time spent in front of the TV.

Now that we have seen how this universal remote works with different appliances in the house, let’s see how you can use it.

Even though it may seem overwhelming, the HomeNETIX is very fun and easy to use. Basically, instead of having a remote, you will only need your phone and this home automation device in order to control your entire house.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your phone is charged. Secondly, connect it to the internet.

After that, sync your smartphone and the HomeNETIX remote. The last step is to configure your settings, following the given instructions. Last but not least, enjoy your easy-to-use universal device.

Why Do I Need HomeNETIX Remote?

How frequently have you neglected to kill your restroom light or the ground floor lights when you surge off to work?

Are your children observing an excess of TV while you are grinding away?

Regardless of whether you are at home, a few things should be controlled. Fortunate for us, we are living in the 21st century, where we have such new, uncommon developments, for example, HomeNETIX.

With HomeNETIX, you never again need all to have a few remotes in your home. The gadget will control each electronic remotely through your phone.

It accompanies numerous capacities that will have a tremendous effect in your life. Rather than blowing up when you can’t locate the correct remote, you’ll currently have the ability to get to all your shrewd gadgets, anyplace and whenever.

A portion of the things that HomeNETIX can do:

· Turn the lights on and off anytime

With this gadget, you will never again be bumbling in obscurity, attempting to get that switch with your hands loaded with food supplies. Simply go to your HomeNETIX application, and with a solitary tap, the lights will be on.

· Turn the TV on

Try not to miss your preferred show since you lost your TV remote. Simply open your HomenETIX application and advise the gadget to turn the TV on. With the voice direction work, you can actually simply address HomeNETIX. Tell it to “change the TV channel to… ” and voila, there you go!

· Control your cooling

HomeNETIX will assist you with controlling your home’s cooling framework regardless of where you are. You can advise the gadget to turn the AC on before you return home. You can even tell it to coordinate your internal heat level while you are snoozing. How’s that? Cool, isn’t that so?

· Limit screen time

Are the children observing an excessive amount of TV? Advise HomeNETIX to restrain the time the TV is on. No all the more whining with the children when their TV time is finished. Let HomeNETIX reveal to them it’s a great opportunity to hit the hay.

In Conclusion 

HomeNETIX is a remote that allows you to control every device in your house. No more forgetting which remote is for what device and learning how each one works uniquely.

And no more forgetting to turn the lights off when leaving the house. By using HomeNETIX, you can benefit from a smart and easy to control home.

HomeNETIX is currently on sale and can be purchased from the official website.

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