The Complete Guide to Lamborghini Hoverboard for 2020.

Lamborghini Hoverboard for you.

Have you ever heard of Lamborghini hoverboard? Well, this piece will cover the Complete Guide to Lamborghini hoverboard. Keep reading and you’ll find out so much more.

Many people are basically aware of the Lamborghini car company. How many have an idea of the Lamborghini hoverboard? This is the ideal time to realize this model. It is one of the best popular models that are doing quite well in the market today. The hoverboard is very speedy and is much stronger compared with other hoverboards.

The Official Lamborghini Hoverboard

After years of hoverboards inspired by the angular and aggressive Italian sports cars brand, Lamborghini has officially released their own hoverboard in 2019!

The new hoverboard, created by TwoDots and officially licensed by Lamborghini, is a sleek 8.5 inch wheel off-road hoverboard with Bluetooth. Let’s take a closer look..

Technical Specifications:

  • Dual 400W Motors
  • Max Speed: 9.32MPH
  • Max Inclination: 15 degrees
  • Max Range: 9.32 Miles
  • Charge Time: 2.5hrs
  • Max Weight: 264lbs


First things first, look at that design — there’s no question in my mind that this is one of the best looking hoverboards we’ve seen.


The aluminum 8.5″ alloy wheels are really good looking and feature the iconic Lamborghini bull crest.

The tires look like sports car tires and are protected by sleek aluminum fenders bearing the “Autmobili Lamborghini” logo.

LED Lights

Both the front and back lights on this hoverboard are modeled exactly to look like the LED headlamps on a Huracan. And that’s obviously a good thing. I mean, look at them.


The Lamborghini hoverboard by Two Dots has a lot of the features you’d expect in a modern hoverboard in 2019:

  • Self balacing mode: the Hoverboard balances itself as soon as it’s on, providing a horizontal platform to step onto.
  • Dual 400Watt motors.
  • Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Phone App to access your hoverboard’s settings.
  • UL2271 certified.

This is a very good feature list which makes the Lamborghini hoverboard competitively priced. Especially if you’re really into its unique design.

Bluetooth speaker

The bluetooth speaker on the Lamborghini hoverboard is also surprisingly good.

Connecting to the hoverboard is very easy on your smartphone (connect just like any other bluetooth device, as soon as the hoverboard is on it’s in discovery mode).

You can also change the bluetooth name of your hoverboard in the app.

The speaker sounds good and is surprisingly loud when cranked to full volume.

Weight Capacity

Up until recently, the Lamborghini hoverboards were able to carry more weight than a standard hoverboard (up to 265 lbs). That’s not entirely true anymore, with newer versions of standard hoverboards carrying heavier and heavier weights.

Lamborghini Hoverboard,8.5″ – Off Road Hover Board

Lamborghini Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter is designed for Powerful Performance with Safe Stop Technology. Lamborghini Hoverboard designed with an indestructible Aluminum Fenders, ABS body, Chassis and Solid Rubber Tires to enhances overall user Riding Experience. Smart connectivity App to control the Speed and Bluetooth to enjoy the ride with Lamborghini Sound and Music.

So, is this hoverboard any good?

In short, it is.

The larger platform offers a very stable riding position. The motors feel responsive and fast. The ride height is good but maybe not the best for smaller children.

The ride is also very customizable thanks to the Glyboard Corse smartphone app — in the hoverboard settings you can customize the following options:

  • Maximum Speed – You can set a hard mph or kmh limit.
  • Driving Force – Basically how responsive the hoverboard is to your movements.
  • Steering Sensitivity – This will change the rotation ratio of the wheels, allowing for tight carving or smoothing out the turns for novice users.
  • Hoverboard designed for the Ultimate Drive: Larger & More power – Lamborghini is nearly 2x more powerful and 33% larger than the leading competitor meaning more foot space, a more stable ride and more fun. Plus the truly stunning LED design,the best in its class.Together we are extraordinary.
  • Comprehensive Safety and Security: Every hover board is designed and built to provide world-class levels of safety and security, a top priority for Lamborghini. UL 2272 tested and certified self balancing board with UL2271 Certified Smart Battery. Strictest Production Process,hundreds of thousands of tests regarding to safety regulations.
  • 8.5″ hoverboard SUV Tire: UNRIVALLED ROAD PRESENCE,this big all-season tire delivers great stopping power, grass,durability, and traction, even in light snow.You’ll feel safe.No matter what sort of road you’re in.Rated IP54 for solidness and water resistance.
  • Self Balancing Scooter With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker & App: For true audiophiles, there is no equal.Outstanding sound quality, great looks, and easy connectivity. Play music to your board from your phone.
  • Dream Gift: The hoverboard is only need 3 minutes for everyone to learn. This hoverboard should be a great choice as a birthday or Christmas gift for everyone with unique experience. Especially for outside sporting enthusiasts, this hoverboard with diverse features would be the dream gift for them.


How fast is a Lamborghini hoverboard?

The black Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboard has a maximum speed of up to 12mph. On the other hand, a gold hoverboard has a maximum speed of up to 8mph. Many factors determine how fast a hoverboard moves — for instance, the weight, the road surface you’re using, weather, etc.

Have safety certification for Lamborghini hoverboard?

A safety certification for Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboard is UL2272. This means it has been tested and confirmed to be safe human life. When looking for Lamborghini hoverboard, always consider checking on this certification sign. It will do you good, and you’ll always feel safe when you or your kid is riding.

How much charger cable included in this hoverboard?

A charger cable is fundamental and is inclusive in either black or gold model. The charger cables are universal, and their adaptor is designed to fit the charging port.

How long does the battery last and how fast does it charge?

Lamborghini all-terrain hoverboards batteries are designed to offer you the best. Their qualities are perfect and will last for long. A black and gold Lamborghini off-road hoverboard models have a battery that allows you to ride for about 3-4 hours. It takes precisely about 2.5 hours to charge completely.

Is the Lamborghini Hoverboard a Good Birthday Gift for Kids?

This is kind of a specific question, but we’ve been asked this so many times we figured we’d address it. In general, I’d say the Lamborghini hoverboard makes for an excellent gift for your kid simply because it’s very good looking and feature complete.

That said, if you have smaller kids or you wanna spend less money, a 6.5″ wheel hoverboard like the Swagtron or the Hovertrax is going to provide some of the same basic features for less money (you can click the links for full reviews of those specific hoverboards).

What is the quality of the Lamborghini hoverboard wheel?

All Lamborghini off-road hoverboards have strong and sturdy wheels that allow them to maneuver in any type of terrain. As their name suggests, they’re all terrain hoverboard. The black model is the fastest with a wheel size of 8.5 inches. The gold model on the other side has a wheel size of 6.5 inches.

What is the maximum weight limit of Lamborghini hoverboard?

The weight of the black Lamborghini hoverboard is 43.9 pounds. This is a little bit heavy for kids to carry around if you consider the materials used. Primarily, it has a maximum weight capacity of 264lbs which is a clear indication that it is perfect for both adults and kids. On the other side, Gold Lamborghini hoverboard weighs 21.8 pounds. This makes it perfect for kids to carry around at ease. It has a maximum weight capacity of 90lbs.

What kind of warranty does it have?

Basically, both black and gold Lamborghini off-road hoverboards have a warranty offer. If in any way you feel the product isn’t good enough for you or your kid, then the manufacturer gives you the chance to take it back. Remember: The warranty option is always a guarantee of quality products. This actually applies if you’re purchasing in a trusted dealer.

What is the manufactures warranty on the Lamborghini Hover Board?

You can always confirm the warranty option with the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard manufacturer.

Lamborghini Hoverboard – is it actually made by Lamborghini?

Nope, not really. Lamborghini only makes cars (although they began their life as a tractor company, something for which Enzo Ferrari mocked them): the lamborghini hoverboard was simply called that because of the angular design that is reminiscent of some of the exotic Italian sports cars by Lamborghini. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, many of you surely already knew this. We’re going to keep calling them Lamborghini hoverboards just for convenience’s sake.

Does it have a removable battery pack?

Yes. You can always access the battery anytime you want. The removable battery pack makes it easy for that deal.

Is Lamborghini hoverboard cheap?

Actually, we wouldn’t say the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard is cheap or expensive. It only depends on your pocket. But trust me. It is sold at a fair price if you compare its quality with other hoverboards on the market.

How much does a Lamborghini hoverboard cost?

The price of the Lamborghini off-road hoverboard depends on some factors that we discussed above. If you can afford between $200 – $400, then you’re sure of getting a quality brand. The price of a black hoverboard in Amazon is currently not shown, but with around $200 bucks, you can have it. Again, the gold model is a bit expensive compared to the price of the black model in Amazon. It is currently $299 – $459. If you compare Amazon and Walmart, I’d advise you to make your deals with Amazon. Do you know why? Their products are affordable and are highly rated.


Was this piece helpful? Well, we hope that reading this Lamborghini hoverboard review may tempt you to purchase the best that fits your budget. Be sure they will offer a long-lasting riding experience. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, Thank you!