SecurePC USB FingerPrint 2020 – Make Your PC More Secure.

SecurePC USB FIngerprint

We know conventional passwords aren’t the most secure, especially if they’re re-used across multiple sites. This SecurePC USB FingerPrintis essential for all computers.

Biometrics are often a quicker and more effective approach, but most older devices don’t come with fingerprint sensors or iris scanners. Still, we don’t want anyone to be able to guess our PC password.

Now, Synaptics thinks it can make our old laptops more secure with its new fingerprint USB module, the Turnkey, which slips into any Windows PC’s USB port.

Users just have to enroll with their print, pop the USB into the port, and it’ll become the primary way they’ll gain access to their notebook.

SecurePC USB FIngerprint

SecurePC USB FingerPrint Review

A biometric unique finger reader makes it helpful to sign into your PC, by simply pressing or swiping your finger on the reader which access your finger prints.

It sidesteps the requirement for entering a secret key while expanding the degree of security for the PC, anybody can enter your secret key if they get in some way or another, however not your finger prints, all things considered.

It can likewise be an advantageous means to set up on a PC at work.


This SecurePC USB FingerPrint software package utilises the uniqueness of one’s fingerprint features to prevent unauthorized access to your computer and enhance the security of your private data with advanced data protection features.


  • Adopting the uniqueness of one’s fingerprint features to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.
  • Encrypt your precious computer files or data by your fingerprint or password.
  • Includes software which supports to encrypt the Windows Login, Screen Saver Lock, Password bank, File/Folder Encryption , Virtual Disk Drive. You can keep your important content in encrypted with this amazing fingerprint software lock. USB2.0 interfaces, support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, win7 Support English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc.


  • Color: Black Item
  • Size: 59*25*8mm
  • Net weight: 59g
SecurePC USB FIngerprint review


The SecurePC USB FingerPrint was easy to set up.

The SideSwipe and SideTouch are the better answers for a scratch pad, obviously, in view of their physical plans.

In case you’re hoping to include this layer of security and protection to your device, this is the best right now.

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