You Have To Read This Before Buying – SonicX Pro Review 2020

sonicX pro review

This is an interesting product developed by the guys over at hyperstech, but is it really useful, and more importantly, is it going to be useful for you. Read this SonicX Pro Review.

Well, you will decide that but what I will do is lay down the pros and cons I saw in the product then I will give my own recommendation.

So without spending further time, let’s dive in.

SonicX Pro Review

SonicX Pro Electric Toothbrus

What is the SonicX Pro

When having a broad overview, this seems like just another fancy toothbrush. But on a closer look, you begin to see what sets it apart from other toothbrushes.

It can deliver an amazing 45000 strokes per minute, this means you get a really effective brush with half the effort, leading to whiter teeth and fresher breath.

To put this into perspective, manual brushing can give at best 300 strokes per minute due to our human limitations.

For an electric toothbrush to be seen as “effective” it needs to have a stroke per minute of atleast 3000.

SonicX Pro operates at 45,000 strokes per minute, in order words you could say it is 15 times more effective than average electric toothbrushes and 150 times more effective than manual brushing

Why Buy an Electric Toothbrush [SonicX Pro Review]

Well aside from what I said above, here are some other reasons why you should lean towards the electric toothbrush camp.

Studies show that using electric toothbrushes are more efficient in removing plaques from your teeth than using manual toothbrushes.

They’re also more enjoyable and easier to use, which encourages users to take better care of their teeth. Kids are especially fund of electric toothbrushes.

Because electric toothbrushes provide more strokes per minute than manual brushing, you get a better clean, faster and we all know time is money.

SonicX Pro Review
The SonicX ToothBrush

Pros and Cons of the SonicX Pro Toothbrush


  • You get 45,000 brush vibrations per minute. 
  • Battery life is good and long at 2 weeks. 
  • You can travel with it oh so easily. 
  • The brushes are interchangeable and included
  • Four brushing modes 
  • You can even get a deal at the SonicX website. 


  • Its price is slightly on the high side
  • You will have to replace the brush eventually.
  • That battery will die, and when it does, you will hate using your regular toothbrush.

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Key Features of SonicX Pro

Here’s what you can look forward to when you get this cool brush in your paws:

-A Super Powerful Brush!

The sonic vibrations produced by this device are powerful. They produce a force that is strong and great at removing plaque in those areas that are very hard to reach inside your mouth.  Talk about feeling clean. 

-Smart Brushing

The toothbrush includes a wide variety intelligent brushing method to clean, massage, and whiten your teeth. You can also select a soft brushing method if you desire a gentle cleansing method. Perfect for those days when you just want to feel clean but not be aggressive about it.

-Timer Brushing

You no longer have to set a timer to get the right brush time in. You can just let the toothbrush take care of it for you! Instead of setting a boring timer, let the toothbrush take care of it and watch some cool videos on your phone instead or something like that. We guarantee it’s a lot more fun. It runs for two minutes and then switches for 30 seconds so you remember to go to other parts of your mouth. 

-IPx7 Grade Waterproof

In other words this device has no problem with water. It is Ipx7 grade waterproof and this allows it to washed directly under the tap after you finish brushing.

SonicX Pro

Our Final Thoughts

Well if I were to be honest with you, I actually think this toothbrush is pretty cool and sound.

If you are impressed by the features…

If you’d love to get whiter teeth, more effective brushing with little effort…

If you want to stick to your brushing routine or you want your kids to stick to their brushing routine…

…then this fun product is definitely what you need and you can get it by clicking the button below.

**Note – SonicX Pro is currently on a sale

Buy 2 SonicX pro Toothbrush and get 1 free, You could get for friends, family or a significant other.

I don’t know how long this promo will last, but I know such promos don’t last really long, so now would be a good time to get the SonicX Pro if you are interested in it.

The button below has been updated with the discount link, just click it to get to the page.