Tactic Air Drone Review [July Update 2020] – Read This Before You Get One.

tactic air drone

For so many years we all have wanted to take pictures, videos and at most have our eyes in the air so we could see beyond what our eyes can see. This tactic Air Drone Review is here to solve your problem and at the same time give your amazing benefits.

Do you wish taking selfies were any much easier?

Or your trying to record the events you saw in an amazing ceremony?

Or do you just love taking pictures and recording amazing trips you make with your friends?

This review has taken care of all these problems, you just need to read carefully without missing any step and take action.

A Review of the Tactic Air Drone

Advanced technology has been popping up in affordably-priced drones for a while now and the Tactic seems to be the latest in this tradition.

With that said, is it any good and will it meet your needs? Here’s a detailed Tactic air drone review.

Is the Tactic Air Drone the Best Drone for You?

It seems as if drones are everywhere these days, the tactic air drone review will clear some doubts, keep reading through.

In some ways, drones are a bit like the old gliders and model kit planes that people used to love many years ago, but they offer many more advanced features.

They appeal to kids, teens, families, and people who love technology. But what is the best kind of drone for your needs?

tactic air drone review

What Do You Need in a Drone?

The thing is that there are many types of drones on the market. This can be terribly confusing for first-time buyers, as they may struggle to differentiate between them based on their features.

The fact is that you could spend a whole heap of money on an advanced drone but find that you never use half of the features or that drone flying is just not for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re looking for a drone that suits your needs:

  • Do you need it to take video or photos?
  • Do you need it to fly long distances?
  • Are you interested in simply having fun flying a drone for the first time?
  • What is your budget?
Tactic Air Drone Review

Breaking It Down

When it comes to drones, there are many price points. There are certainly cheap drones that are small, light, and ideal for first-timers. But when it comes to drones, you do get what you pay for in general. That being said, there are models that break the mold and offer advanced features at a good price.

The first thing you need to determine is what you need the drone for. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best not to invest too much money in one. There are drones that cost thousands of dollars which offer some amazing features, but these are not generally intended for beginners. Just think about how you’d feel if you lost it out there in the field!

Are the Features Worthwhile?

So, how do the features of the Tactic air drone really stack up against other drones? Are they going to be of interest to drone enthusiasts? Here’s a detailed feature breakdown in our Tactic air drone review. 

Tactic Air Drone Review

Super Camera Resolution

Even though most people are still getting used to the idea of 2k resolution, 4k is already here. This means more pixels and greater resolution. It means smoother motion and lots more details.

The Tactic air drone offers native 4k resolution on the digital sensor. If this is important to you, this feature will be of huge interest. Videographers especially will be looking at thinking about how to incorporate it into their existing workflow. 

What makes it unique at this price point is that there are two onboard 4k cameras that can work together or independently. When working together, for example, it’s possible to have a split screen or picture view. For videographers, this offers some interesting options. 

Greater Stability When Shooting

One of the biggest problems with cheap drones is that the cameras are not only low in resolution, but they are also not stabilized. This translates to wobbly video and blurred still shots. If you want a drone primarily for taking photos and videos, this aspect is going to be critical in your decision making. So, how does the tactic air drone stack up?

Fortunately, the Tactic offers a feature called an Optical Flow Sensor. This is an active motorized device that works to stabilize the twin 4k cameras when flying. It may not be like the advanced gimbals on professional models, but it’s a welcome addition at the sub-$200 price level and will certainly interest anyone who wants a drone for photo and video shoots.

Flying Time and Range

There’s little point in investing money in a drone if it has a very limited flight time and transmission range. In many such drones, they may suddenly drop out of the sky if they run out of juice or fly beyond the transmission range.

The very expensive drones may have transmission ranges of multiple kilometers, but we can’t really expect those gargantuan numbers in cheaper drones. That being said, the Tactic air drone does well in this regard. The battery has a decent operating time of 20 minutes on a full charge, which certainly places it in the upper tier at this price point.

The transmission range of 70 meters is similarly impressive for the price. In the real world, this generally provides plenty of scope for moderate flights and plenty of time to take photos and videos. With the addition of a spare battery or two, there’s plenty of features offered and the Tactic makes a lot of sense for many potential buyers.

Tactic Air Drone Review

Is the Tactic Air Drone for You?

No Tactic air drone review would be complete without asking the question “is it the right drone for you?”

If you’re happy with a cheap drone for the kids and you’re not concerned about taking videos or still shots, then there are plenty of sub-$100 options on the market. However, the Tactic is cheap enough that it should still be a strong contender even for those on a pretty tight budget.

It offers plenty of advanced features, including optical flow technology, twin 4k cameras, gesture recognition control, and a smart follow-me mode. These features alone make it an excellent choice for any drone enthusiast or beginner who simply wants a little more bang for their buck.

In summary, the tactic air drone priced at $198 is a relatively cheap drone with some premium features seen in $800 to $1500 drones. But obviously, don’t expect to get all the high-end features you’d get if you buy a thousand dollar drone.

The tactic air drone is a good compromise, it’s the closest thing you’d get to a premium drone at that price.

tactic air drone review

Should You Buy a Cheap Drone?

Having said that, some of the cheapest drones are simply not much good. They might fly decently but they are often cheaply constructed, not very durable, and not much good in a light breeze.

These types of drones can be found for less than $50 most of the time, and while it might be tempting to buy one due to their low price, they can also be very frustrating.

There’s little point to buying a very cheap drone only to find that it’s not suitable for your needs. It might even put you off from buying another drone in the future.

The best compromise in this situation is to buy a drone that offers some advanced features but which is not too highly-priced. The good news is that the Tactic air drone offers this combination.

What About the Price?

In general, drones can be divided into three camps: the very cheap drones under $100 that don’t offer advanced features; mid-tier drones that cost between $100 and $500 and offer an increasing range of advanced features but are lacking in certain areas; and drones that cost thousands of dollars and are aimed squarely at true enthusiasts, videographers, photographers, and industry professionals.

So, in which category does the Tactic drone fall? At under $200, the Tactic seems as if it should cost more when considering its feature list. First impressions are that it’s a mid-tier drone on the slightly more advanced side of things at a very good price. If your budget doesn’t stretch beyond $200, the Tactic air drone is going to be of interest. 

What Next?

If you are interested in getting the tactic air drone you can purchase it from the official website by clicking the button below.

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