TC1200 Flashlight Review 2019: Is This Really The Best Flashlight?

tc1200 flashlight

A flashlight is an exceptionally convenient tool to have. 

Think about a situation where there is a power outage in your area at night. Your entire house is dark, and you need some light to see where you are going. 


At night, you may need a flashlight on the road to check the engine of your car if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere. 

This is not mainstream knowledge, but flashlights can actually be used to scare of attackers and burglars at night.

 You see, at night your eyes are accustomed to the low level of light entering it, if a sudden bright light falls on your eyes, you can be stunned for up to 5 – 10 seconds, specifically if the brightness of the light is above 800 lumens. 

This is the mechanism behind stunning attackers or burglars at night.

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Luckily, there are thousands of different flashlights on the market. You can grab a cheap pocket-sized flashlight from a local supermarket.

In fact, chances are, your smartphone is even equipped with a flashlight function.

Generally speaking, you have your standard household flashlights, as well as more powerful options that are often utilized by security guards and military personnel. 

Today, we are not looking at these “standard” flashlights that you might be used to by now. Instead, we are looking at a flashlight that promises to be the last one that you will ever buy.

In this TC1200 flashlight review, we consider just how powerful this flashlight really is and consider the advantages that you get when you decide to get your hands on it. 

What Is The TC1200 Flashlight And Why Should You Care?


Let’s start our TC1200 flashlight review by taking a closer look at what this product is all about. The flashlight was developed by a company known as 1Tac and has gained popularity throughout the world in the last few years. 

According to the official manufacturer of the TC1200 flashlight, this is the most powerful flashlight that is currently available to the public – they also state that the brightness offered by their unique flashlight was previously only available to members of the military. 

 Even though this particular flashlight packs quite a punch when it comes to its brightness, it still features a very lightweight and compact size. 

This makes it an ideal item to carry with you when you go hunting or on a hiking trip, as it won’t take up too much space and it will certainly not weight you down. 

The TC1200 flashlight is also a good option for fishing trips and camping out. Apart from these “every day” uses, the manufacturer states that police officials, security guards, and many other people are starting to turn to their flashlight in order to see better at night.

The Benefits Of The TC1200 Flashlight

The TC1200 flashlight is all about giving you the ability to have a clearer view of what is in front of you at night – by providing you with exceptional brightness that standard flashlights are unable to compete with.

There are, however, many other benefits that you can gain access to if you decide to get your hands on the product. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that you can expect:

  • The TC1200 flashlight is powered by CREE LED, which is considered one of the most powerful types of LEDs that are available to the general public. This single LED system is able to produce a powerful output rated at 1200 Lumen. 
  • The product is made locally within the United States from only the best and most durable materials that the manufacturer is able to get their hands on. This means there is no need to worry about the product being cheaply made and falling apart anytime soon. 
  • The TC1200 flashlight has an IP65 waterproof certification. This means that you can take the flashlight with you wherever you go – even when it is raining outside. The durable cover that is found on the device will keep it protected from the rain. 
  • Due to the digitally regulated output of light, this flashlight is able to offer you constant brightness, which is a particular feature that a lot of the standard flashlights you can pick up at the local supermarket lacks.
  • The powerful LED used in this flashlight can emit a lot of heat, which is why the manufacturer of the TC1200 flashlight decided to add additional layers of protection on the outside of the device. You can safely hold the flashlight in your hand without having to worry about the high internal temperature of the CREE LED light.
  • The device’s shell is made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. What this means is that the TC1200 flashlight is exceptionally durable and will even able to able withstand falls onto hard surfaces. 
  • The manufacturer of the flashlight guarantees that you will be impressed. When you decide to buy the TC1200 flashlight, you get a 30-day full money-back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty on the product. 
  • The flashlight features five different modes that you can switch between. These include high, medium, and low, as well as an SOS and a Strobe mode. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

While it is certainly good to consider the potential benefits you get when you buy this product, this TC1200 flashlight review is about bringing you a fair overview of the device. Thus, we also need to consider any drawbacks that you may find when you buy this flashlight. 

  • The price of the flashlight is probably one of its most concerning drawbacks. While you can easily pick up a standard household flashlight for less than $10 at a local supermarket, you will have to spend more than $50 for one of these products. 
  • The exceptional brightness of the CREE LED used in this flashlight may cause roadside safety hazards when you use it at night, and the light shines into the eyes of an oncoming driver. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of the TC1200 flashlight really depends on how many of these devices you buy at a time. You can pay as low as $22.99 for a single flashlight when you decide to buy five of them at a time – this package includes an additional five flashlights for free. 

The company gives you an equal match for free – if you buy one flashlight, you get an additional one for free. Buy two, and get two additional flashlights for free. A single flashlight will cost you $89.98, but, as noted, would actually include two of these devices in the package. 

Where To Buy The TC1200 Flashlight?

The easiest way to get your hands on the TC1200 flashlight would be to visit the official 1Tac website and navigate to the product’s page. Here, you are able to decide which package you want to opt for (how many flashlights you would like to buy) and complete a simple checkout process. You can get free shipping with your order when you buy the flashlight directly from its manufacturer. 
Click here to get to the product page.

Conclusion to the Tc1200 Flashlight Review

While there is a significant variety of flashlights that you can choose from on the market today, the majority of these products tend to disappoint when it comes to providing you with an adequate amount of light in many situations.

The TC1200 flashlight promises to change this by giving you one of the most powerful lights that are currently available to the general public. The flashlight is not only one of the brightest, but also offers exceptional durability and even waterproof features.

If you are interested in getting one for yourself or a loved one, you can click the button below to get to the product page.