Xone Phone Review (Latest Update in July 2020)- Read This Before Buying

Xone phone

The cell phone industry continues developing each year and it’s just showing signs of improvement. Read this Xone Phone Review carefully to the end.

The original iPhone had a back camera of 2 megapixels yet the recently produced iPhone 11 has two back cameras of 12 megapixels each! The rate at which innovation creates is outstanding.

The iPhone 11 expense moves upwards to a thousand dollars and the best of quality (the top notch) can reach up to $1499 (depending upon the size of the memory), this is unreasonably costly for a great deal of us, there must be a superior choice.

Today I am here to review another cell phone available that promises to give the same amount of significant worth as the present best cell phones (iphone and samsung) and not up to a quarter of the price of those phones.

With so much popularity of the smartphones, we reviewed the cheapest one in the market right now, which is the ‘Xone Phone’.

Although some terms have been made in the technical specifications department, for people looking for stylish and trendy phones with a premium beautiful look, the Xone Phone is a perfect choice.

Xone phone
Xone phone

Xone Phone Review

The Xone Phone is a cell phone that sudden spikes in demand for the Android working version intended to be the “costly cell phone”, they attempted to put all the costly features into this phone. Is it true that they were ready to pull it off? I don’t have the slightest idea, read on and you will find out.

First thing you may see about the Xone Phone is its great similarity to the iPhone and its touchscreen that is nearly the whole front screen of the phone. The screen has a 5.7-inch HD+ show (Very clear pictures).

The back of the phone contains a double camera, interactive media speaker grille and a unique mark sensor (which has a speed of 0.1 seconds, also most top phones have unique finger sensor of around 0.8 to 1.5 seconds).

The Xone Phone comes with a RAM of 2gb and an internal memory of 16gb yet this can be increased up to 128gb with the use of a memory card.

Xone Phone Specifications


  • GPU: IMG GE8100
  • Housing material: PC + aluminum alloy
  • SIM number: Dual SIM
  • SIM types: Nano SIM card
  • Operating system: Android 8.1
  • ROM: 16 GB
  • External memory: TF card with up to 128 GB (not included)
  • Sensor G-sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, fingerprint sensor


  • Screen size 5.7 inches (5.7 inch HD display)
  • Screen Type: IPS, Capacitive
  • Resolution: 1498 x 720 pixels
  • Multi-touch: 5 points

Unlock face:

  • Certification: CE, MSDS, UN38.3, GMS


  • 4G bands: FDD-LTE 800 (B20) / 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3) / 2100 (B1) / 2600 (B7) MHz
  • 3G bands: WCDMA 900 (B8) / 2100 (B1) MHz
  • 2G bands: GSM 850 (B5) / 900 (B8) / 1800 (B3) / 1900 (B2) MHz Type: WCDMA, GSM, FDD-LTE
  • WIFI: 802.11 a / b / g / n, 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz GPS: Yes, GLONASS
  • Bluetooth: V4.2


  • 16 MP camera
  • Camera count: 3
  • Front camera: 2.0MP (SW: 5.0MP) FF
  • Rear view camera: 8.0MP (SW: 13.0MP) + 5.0MP AF
  • Taillight: Yes, double blinking LED
  • Camera function: Touch Focus
  • Aperture: F2.2 back, F 2.0 front
  • Video resolution: 1080p 30fps

Media Format:

  • Audio: MP3, AAC, FLAC, AMR, AWB
  • Video: 3GP, MP4
  • Picture: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG


  • Battery capacity: 3350 mAh
  • Battery types: Non-removable Li-Polymer battery
  • Talk time: 9 hours
  • Standby time: 250 hours
  • Size: 149.2 x 72.2 x 9.65 mm
  • Weight: 171.5 g

What Comes in the Box

  • 1 x Xone phone
  • 1 x lithium-ion batteries
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x EU power adapter
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x warranty card

What I Like About The Xone Phone


The Xone phone has an amazing HD screen show of (720p HD+ Resolution to be definite) combined with its incredible screen size that nearly takes up the entire of the front screen.

Your videos and gaming will be completely clear on the Xone phone.


The Camera is a significant differentiator between low-end phones and top notch phones. The camera is the thing that isolates the ordinary phones from costly ones.

Well, we can’t say that the camera on this phone will move you that much in case you’re used to the nature of the iphones of these days, the iPhones and Samsung phones of today have increased present expectations.

The camera nature of the Xone phone is so great yet in contrast with the top notch phones of today, it is still improving. I think that is the reason it costs $398 not $1199.

xone mobile phone
xone phone camera view

Despite the fact that, I think its unreasonable to compare a $398 phone with a $1199 phone. its normal that the most valued android and iPhones would have a higher camera quality.

The great part comes when you compare its camera quality with phones of a similar value. Here the Xone phone exceeds expectations with better camera quality over phones within its value.

You can think about this phone as a great “value for your money”

Battery life

The Xone phone makes a major comeback with its amazing battery life. It has a 3350mAh battery (more limit than the iPhone 11 which is 3046mAh). This is all that could possibly be needed to last the entire day under ordinary use.

xone phone case
xone phone battery capacity

Fingerprint Sensor

The Xone Phone has a unique finger print sensor at the back. It has a reaction speed of 0.1 seconds which is one of the quickest unique mark reaction speed available up until now.

When you place your finger on the sensor it opens. You never again need to retain complex passwords just to open your phone.

The Xone phone can likewise put up to 5 fingerprints. You can give access to your gadget, to your friends and family and lover by adding their fingerprints to your phone.


The Xone Phone is incredibly cheap, most cell phones with the features of the Xone phone definitely cost more dollars, we recently reviewed how the new iPhone costs as much as a thousand dollars.

The Xone Phone costs $398. This is a sensible price to spend on a cell phone for many people.

Dual Sim Capacity

The Xone phone makes use of a dual sim port in which you can put two sim cards and comfortably keep enjoying your phone.

What I don’t Like About The Xone Phone

Appears to be a little slow

The Xone phone builds a slight delay if it is overworked and heats up, besides that its handling speed is alright.

Sound Quality

The sound quality appears to be somewhat poor compared with top notch phones however this is not a problem in a phone with such view. You can use an earphone or headphones like the Echobeats to solve this issue if it disturbs you a lot.

No NFC support

The Xone phone doesn’t have NFC innovation. NFC support enables you to share contacts, sites, and pictures using your cell phone. A few areas even permit buys by means of NFC support, but the Xone phone doesn’t have it.

However, no need to get worried because there are loads of applications on the application store that can give you comparable usefulness.

Final Thoughts

The Xone phone is a phone that attempts to take care of an essential issue that many individuals have, you may even have this issue as well.

They attempt to make a cell phone that has the features and structure of the world’s best cell phone for all.

Shockingly, you can’t pack every one of the features and innovation the big brands like (iPhones, Google Pixel and Samsung) have and still keep up a low cost.

Yet, this phone is amazing.

Who exactly is the Xone Phone for

The Xone Phone is for individuals who would prefer truly not to spend as much as a thousand dollars to buy another phone.

It is best if you need a subsequent phone and would prefer not to spend a lot money on one.

If you are getting your child their first phone.

If you are giving a gift to a family member or friend.

If you basically need a reasonable phone that has a great deal of the cool features that phones like iphone and samsung have…

Then, at this point the Xone phone is specially for you. A very good phone with a low cost is what the Xone phone is about. In case you want to have this phone, just click the button below. You’ll certainly get every money spent on this device and more!

So, if you are looking for a new phone, Xone Phone is the one! Regardless of your needs, this smartphone won’t disappoint you.

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